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Brainstorming for Christmas Gifts


With Christmas approaching, my wife asked me what I would like for Christmas. Having pretty much everything I need, I didn't really know how to answer. I really don't know what I would like. So here's a thread for gift ideas that you're getting for significant others, your kids, or friends. You can also put down what you've asked for this year.

I'll start. I'm getting my wife and 3 year old girl matching Snuggies. I know...Snuggies? WTF?...
My wife is exactly the kind of person who the Snuggie was created for and my kid is the type that wants to copy everything mommy does.


I suggest you go with "the ultimate slanket" as opposed to the snuggie. Got mine last year... still love the fuck out of it. They sell it on the QVC website. Make sure it is THE ULTIMATE version with the foot pouch. must have.


Each Nephew is getting the Leatherman Wave or Leatherman Juice.


Maybe get her the "Big Jim"


I hear some of my friends are getting Nooks, Kindles, etc.







...wait, no...


I was thinking of asking for a handheld GPSr for my outdoors activities but I don't really know how much I'd end up using it since I already have the Garmin Forerunner that tracks your running miles and pace and my Blackberry has gps.


I'm a very good artist when it comes to drawing portraits of people in charcoal, graphite, colored pencil or oil pastels (haven't really mastered oil or acrylic paint), so each year I start cranking out pictures of my family for everyone. My brother and his wife are getting a portrait of their two y/o daughter, my parents are getting a portrait of my grandmother, my grandmother is getting a portrai of my grandfather (RIP).

My sister is gonna LOVE her present. I visited her house recently and her roommate has pictures of fucking Stalin, Mao, Lenin and Ho Chi Minh on the wall, a huge Chinese flag, coasters with the hammer and sickle on them, and several copies of Mao's little red book in Chinese, Russian and English. My sister doesn't see a problem with any of this and flew off the handle at me when I said she was missing a picture of Hitler and Pol Pot. So I'm drawing a picture of the Unknown Man in front of the tanks in Tiananmen Square.

I hope I get a new drumset for Christmas. Pearl Vision with maple shells, ambassador heads all the way around and a 22x20 bass drum. Or a Ludwig Supraphonic snare, 6x15, just like Bonham! I'd settle for a new set of bass drum heads since I just put my bass pedal through the fucking head last night.


Rocking horse, sled, boots


Nice! :slight_smile:

[edit] You cheap bastard :stuck_out_tongue:


I want a new shredtastic guitar......I really want a Paul Reid Smith....who knows...we'll see. I bought my bro a kindle for his bday...so i'm all out of ideas. Ipad? Jewelry for the Mom? Don't get me started on Gift ideas for my dad....I have no clue....I know Black Friday and Cyber Monday were missed oppourtunites tho...Diamond sapphire braclet for 75 dollars??? Too bad I had no cash


Cheap bastard? My grandmother cried when I gave her a picture of her mother for Christmas last year. When was the last time you gave someone a Christmas gift that actually moved someone like that? Cheap bastard....shit, is that what Christmas has become?


Your gift for you sister is just awesome.

Edit: Btw your gifts for the rest of the family are quite original


Got 5 of these, one for each of my brothers, and one each for mom and dad. Got one for myself too. It's pretty sweet.


I got my girlfriend an apron, a photo album, candy, and a little notebook full or lovey dovey shiz. I'm packaging it in a ups box that she sent to me and putting "RETURN TO SENDER" on it. I think it's clever.

I got my mom some fancy pants photo display thingy.

I hope I get an econo prowler from my parents, some money for clothes, and an elitefts girftcard from my secret santa. My gf is getting me something for christmas, but she's been so dang vague about it I have no clue what it could be


Getting my daughter a little Fender Squier "Mini". It's a scaled down Strat and plays pretty awesome. Was a blast jamming on it in the store.


I got my gf mittens to go with her ugg boots.



Not sure if he is joking, but I always give good gifts.