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Brain Tumor Acoustic Neuroma - Can I Lift Weights?

I have a small tumour on my auditory nerve in the brain. It is unlikely to grow quickly .My ENT specialist said I could lift weights. However, a friend’s neurologist said that anyone with a brain tumour risks an aneurysm, if they lift. I also have type 2 diabetes ( which is well controlled.) I just heard this today.
I have not given up lifting but I focus more on upperbody - trap bar and glute ham raises and bw reverse hypers and bench presses. I strained my back about 6 weeks ago during a warm up. He saw a video of me doing a rack pull with 310kg (not far btw) and I went a little red in the face. He thinks I am taking risks with my health. Do I really need to reevaluate how I lift?

Apart from being deaf in one ear I am very lucky to have no serious health concerns related to it. That said , I am 40 this year and while I still enjoy lifting relatively heavy, it’s not necessarily a priority for me.

I also have an acoustic neuroma (had it blasted with lazers about 6 years ago) & have never heard anything about having to avoid lifting due to it.

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Thanks GorillaMon, congrats on your surgery. I read up on AN today. It can cause swelling of the brain , if it grows quickly. But they rarely tend to do so. I respect a professional’s opinion but it is second hand from someone who likes to exaggerate. He has a worse condition than I do.

Sorry to hear about the diagnosis, man. I’d follow the advice of the doctor who examined you and has all the details and specifics of your condition, as long as they’re actually aware of the type of training you were doing.

Their version of “lift weights” could be machine circuits for 12-15 reps, so you might want to specifically ask them about things like the effects of temporary blood pressure spikes during exertion.

Take a look at the principles Lee Boyce laid out in this article.

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I am an ENT surgeon who “lifts weights” (compete in powerlifting). Lifting weights is not going to affect your tumor

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Thanks warpath why would m friends neuroligist make suchba blanket statement.

If you’re going to worry about it, make an appointment to see your friend’s neurologist for a second opinion. That way you’ll know what he’s saying applies to your case rather than speculating second hand information, and with the severity it may be worth a second opinion anyways.

It doesn’t work like that where I live in the UK (NHS). I will ask my doctor again next time I see her. I was interested to hear if he would have clinical information to support such an opinion.

Ah bummer, sorry, didn’t consider that. If you’d type with a British accent I would have figured it out. Hope you’ll get some more positive and definitive info on it next time then.

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I am very happy with warpath’s opinion of course. Don’t how I would cope without training . Probably take up crochet lol.

Sorry to hear.
Not sure what type of tumour he has but Alpha/Brian Alsruhe has has a brain tumour for 5+years and still trains like a madman.
Doesnt seem to be posting in his log here at the moment but answers most questions on his instagram, might be able to give you some tips for managing it

Probably because neurologists do not treat acoustic neuromas. They are treated by ENT surgeons and neurosurgeons.

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