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Brain Surgery and AAS


We had a new guy introduced to our lifting group, I know this guy because I met him when my aunt had medical problems. Thats right, the man is a brain surgeon and he just started his first cycle of dbol and test.

I had to grill the brain surgeon for answers, because this is a rare moment when a doctor much less a brain surgeon admits that AAS can be taken safely.
He responded that most medical opinions on the matter are hersey and driven by political motives and general misinformation.

He followed by stating that AAS use has not been documented once as being the sole reason for the cause of death. He gave examples of people dying from AAS use, when in fact the individual was on cocaine, anti-depressants, etc.....

he admitted that most doctors (himself included) would never admit their true medical opinions for fear of reprisal from the medical community and loss of patients (money)

Sadly, he is right, people feel safe in the bullshit of believing that AAS are highly toxic substances and can kill you, but neglect the fact that anti-depressants, accutane, alcohol, viagra and etc... are completely safe because the government and public opinion says so... :frowning:

Everything he said did not suprise me, except for the fact the doctors fear public opinion more than they do science( scary thought).


As another example, though admittedly not timely, of this sort of thing:

I can't recall the approximate date when this changed: as a guess maybe somewhere around 1992? But there was an extended period in which scientists were afraid to submit any paper involving anabolic steroids without including the then-politically-correct phrase, "Anabolic steroids have not been shown to increase muscle mass or enhance performance in athletes."

Even if the paper was strictly on some observation in mice or what-have-you!

Back in those days, for any paper in this field, while reading it you were pretty much "Where is it... not yet, not yet... Ah there it is." You knew that the mandatory politically-correct statement was coming.


Maybe in time Bill, doctors and medical scientists will call bullshit on politicians and control freaks in this country.


I rather doubt it. Or at least its happening anytime soon. Things always seem to move toward more and tighter regulations, rather than the other direction.


Oh, how can anyone doubt for example that Obama will offer funding just as readily for anthropogenic-global-warming skeptics as for those scientists who, politically correctly, claim that it is indisputable and now only a matter of ironing down details?


Exactly, truth or no truth, the oil and energy industry is absolutely fundamental to Americas power and might.


I wonder if he has a prescription...lol


Captain Zero,

You have to ask yourself are they afraid of opinion, or the social stigma of that opinion...perhaps the loss of income for being a supporter of such devilish beliefs.......remember we used to burn witches at the stake.
If we do not understand something we try to ban it or destroy it.... just my 2 cents.