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This was posted on slashdot.org on saturday. I scored 42 ms (using speakers, at 11PM) when i tried it. I'd be interested to hear what other people get and how much they think it correlates with their success/intelligence (two different things, mind you) in life. I don't think that merely being able to differentiate between pitch tones well makes a person necessarily successful/intelligent. If the test is accurate however it could tell us the difference between those who can listen and interpret others' speeches well and those who cannot.

Anyway, post your age/score/relevant info.

(PS- I'm a 16/M/Caucasian)


-10ms. That's right, I was actually able to PREDICT the tone sequences before they happened.






They're selling something. I don't trust 'em.


I got a 27, but I already know my memory sucks, so I don't know how much I trust this thing.


26 second time.

I'm 26 (27 next month) if that matters.


I'm not sure I trust feedback from a Brain Speed Assessment that had to add "functionality to your computer to generate spacific sounds". Spacific?

Anyhow, 47 ms...in my thirties. Don't feel any urge to shell out $500 though.


Is this an African or European test?


The African version is a non-standardized so it couldnt be that.


It's bullshit. I'm sixteen and scored a 56.


No mac version.. so, STFU!



haha im slow i got 72 bolocks, and i thought i was doing well