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Brain Quicken/Body Quicken?

Anybody know anything about this stuff? My wife just ordered $100.00 worth of it, then told me I might like it too. I love Power Drive, not sure if they have different actions or if they’re supposed to do the same thing, if that’s the case, I think she just wasted $100.00. I told her to try my Power Drive until her stuff arrives, so she can compare the two.


i tried Bodyquicken about 6 months ao and didn’t notice a damn thing (until i mixed it with caffiene). then it works pretty well, but i imagine it’s pretty similar to Power Drive. let me know how it compares…

I’ve tried both Bodyquicken and Power Drive extensively and for me:

They both seem to affect my focus and alertness positively, but given the price, I think Power Drive is much better.

However, it was convenient to be able carry around and when needed, swallow a couple of capsules (Bodyquicken) rather than a baggie or whole container of Power Drive.

Now, I only use Power Drive. If I had a ton of cash to blow, I’d still be using both.

I have noticed I no longer feel like I need caffeine since I have been taking powerdrive before my workouts in the EARLY (5am) morning.