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Brain Programming


Won't be long before we can program people to workout. :slightly_smiling:

Cyberkinetics (Foxborough, MA) is a leader in the rapidly emerging field of brain computer interfaces. Cyberkinetics' technology allows for the creation of direct, reliable and bi-directional interfaces between the brain, nervous system and a computer. The development of safe, robust implants for recording from, and or stimulating, the brain surface will open the potential to study other complex signals from the brain. Cyberkinetics technology platform, called BrainGate? may allow breakthrough applications which leverage the translation of thought into direct computer control. Such applications may include novel communications interfaces for motor impaired patients, as well as the monitoring and treatment of certain diseases which manifest themselves in patterns of brain activity, such as epilepsy and depression.



Smells like BS. If people need to program their brain, which we probably all do to some extent, they can read PsychoCybernetics, THink and Grow Rich, etc.
Or look into NLP, which is a further exploration of the themes and methods covered in the aforementioned.


cyn.i.cism ( P ) Pronunciation Key (sn-szm)

  1. An attitude of scornful or jaded negativity, especially a general distrust of the integrity or professed motives of others: the public cynicism aroused by governmental scandals.
  2. A scornfully or jadedly negative comment or act: ?She arrived at a philosophy of her own, all made up of her private notations and cynicisms? (Henry James).
  3. Cynicism The beliefs of the ancient Cynics.


It is BS, and it's very scary.

~ Just trying to educate and entertain...


Uh, it isn't for "programming your brain" in the way sonny s seems to think. A paralyzed patient can learn to control a chip, which then sends signals to some external device. Allowing a patient to control a mouse pointer on a TV screen, for example. it's a good thing.


Hey, that would really beat typing. Plus we could download TT. lol