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Brain Function Boosters


Hey gang, as a guy in his early forties, I need some help with memory retention and focus for my Anatomy class which starts in about three weeks.

This class is pretty hard, and I have on hand some supps for help with retaining of information and concentration and such,..

I have Vinpocetine, and there's Spike which helps too..

What would someone recommend for taking supps for this, as far as supp timing/scheduled dosing etc..

Classes are on Tues/Thurs nights from 5:30-10:30 I believe..so I don't want to "overstim" before class, but I am a geezer so wtf? lol..

Seriously any help would be appreciated.

p.s. there was a period of moderate/heavy pot smoking in the earlier years which isn't helping the short term memory banks at all...can you relate??


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Nootropics Help
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Nootropic Drug Help
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Brain Function Boosters 3.0
Brain Function Boosters 3.0
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Brain Function Boosters 3.0

fish oil helps

can relate to the pot smoking :wink: even though im only 17.



I know, sounds stupid, but playing a lot of Sudoku (or any other kind of logic/problem solving/thinking puzzle game(s)) seems to help me sharpen up a bit if I stick with them for a little while.

Brain is like anything else, the more you use it the better you get at using it.


Would taking nootropics like that result in dependency? and is there any feedback effect of worse memory following cessation of taking them? I've thought about nootropics but never tried them.

As for being a pothead (and for me acidhead as well) I've noticed shittier memory in the shorter term (like during a week of heavy usage, and the day or two after a trip), but it's really hard to say for the long term.


       True, I only encounter immediate problems directly after a medical "treatment"..lmao..but do believe some general function has been lost from years of abuse in the "early days" of being a wild ass...I'll check that out bushy, thanks, and thanks blade.

         I remember Bushy telling me about Modafinil a while back, which sounded superb, but unfortunately we can't get that in the states very easily at all I'm afraid.

             I'm going to look up what Bushy suggested in pub med now..and thanks for the positive vibe Bushy on the classes..that's a tough one for me, but I know you made mincemeat out of it with your study habits/supps..lol..

                   thanks guys. 


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              That's amazing man it really is..

I'm going to have to try as hard as I can on this go round.
I checked out that racetam...shit looks fantastic..and I can actually get it too!! Looks to go for about 20.00 for 25 gms. or 54.00 for 100gms, looks like a deal..

          What would you suggest as a dosing protocol Bushy? I have the vinpocetine too, and should I just do a single dose of each pre-class, or one of ea. in the morning as well as pre-class..?

Got choline as well, that's about it for the brain..

                   thank you, I know this is going to help a lot..         Tonebone


Bushy, where are you professer?

Hey buddy, what do you think would be a good dosing strategy for taking the oxiracetam, and my vinpocetine for my classes next week?

The classes are Tues/Thurs, nights 5:30pm-7:45pm, and 5:30pm-10:30p, respectively. Thurs/lecture and lab..

So, what do you suggest my friend..?

I'm scaling back workouts like a good boy, to prob. three times a week..probably mon/wed/fri...so, that should allow for more attention to school.

            Please toss me some ideas for what time to take what substance...

             your ever faithfull student,


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Thanks big guy, but are you saying you sip one of the oxi drinks through the whole day??

Now if that's the case, then is it my understanding that it doesn't have any "immediate" effect, that would merit taking it before class, as opposed to throughout the day? Not sure on that mate, one glass goes down quick no? How do you make one glass go the whole day?

Also, not to bug, but on the Vinpo-, two 20mg doses? thanks for your insight Big Bushy..


Can you guys provide a link for a source to buy this stuff? Oxiracetam sounds very interesting. I've found a couple places online, but would love to know where your getting it and for how much money.


Creatine as well is being shown to aid cognitive function they are giving it with success to Alzheimer's patients



That's great news...another plus for creatine eh Phil?



after seeing this thread i went looking for vinpo and found some @ wholefoods. it can be had ALOT cheaper on line that's for sure. but hey it was right there. this is good stuff. the capsules i got are 5mg and i do feel an immediate effect from that little. i've had it 3 days now and am taking 5mg 3 times a day. i'll keep it up as bushy recommends and see how it goes. dreams have been off the charts btw.


Well I got my Vinpocetine Monday. Didn'tnotice a whole lot 1st day, noticed justa little the second day, and really started getting the effect today. I took my first 5mg dose with caffiene which really seemed to amplify the effect. I can't really describe the feeling, but you know it's working, I just feel a little sharper and clearer. Really can't wait to try the Oxiracetam, sounds like that works differently.

I was looking for anything on safety for use of these supplements on teenagers. My son has a pretty heavy load of AP courses this year, seems like this stuff could really help if it's okay for him to take. Everything I read says it's totally non-toxic and safe, but I can't find mention of use in adolescents.


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Hey Modok, hope you're doing well these days, how is your progress coming along now? It's been a while since I saw your thread on what happened and all..

          Anyway, thanks for checking out my brain booster thread and the comments everyone...

               Bushy, you da man...lol...
        thanks as always for great help mate.