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Brain Function Boosters 2.0


Looks like we have been delegated to a new thread.

Let the fun begin.

Oh, and here is the old thread - http://tnation.tmuscle.com/free_online_forum/diet_performance_nutrition_supplements/brain_function_boosters

Here is a few words from Bushido Bad Boy

"So I've had a few PMs from folks, struggling to get through this mombassa of a thread, whislt picking out the relevant bits.

So I thought I would backtrack to my first post and write a 'cliff notes' version.

Herbal-and-almost-completely-side-effect-free-and-cheap-and easily-obtainable nootropic stack for first timers:

Vinpocetine 3 x 10mg ED with food.
Huperzine A 3 x 50mcg ED with food.
DMAE 600mg once or twice per day, to replenish chloin levels.

As with all stacks, start with one drug (vinpo), just once per day and build up from there. Once tolerance has been established, add in the next drug, etc.

Next Addition:

A racetam, either piracetam or my fave; aniracetam.

aniracetam@ 600mg 3 x ED would be nice, but a little expensive. Once per day would do I guess but is not optimal.

Piracetam I've never got on with, so I have no dose recommendations. I think up to about 2400mg ED though is standard.

Further Addition

Oxiracetam @ 700-800mg for a 'one time' dose, taken about 30 minutes before an especially intense study session. 2 hours later you will probably feel mentally drained.

Basic Substrates/Supplements

You should already be optimising your brain function with water, food, b complex vitamins, antioxidants, fish oils, etc. Don't ignore this type of stuff; it makes all the difference.

All the best my fellow cognitive enhancement crusaders!"



Thanks man.

So if I'm not mistaken, Huperzine and Vinpo assist in retention?

And I am not sure what DMAE is supposed to do.


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Can you take huperzine a continuously? I keep hearing mixed things. Some say cycle it, some others say don't and the label mentions nothing of cycling. The people that say cycle are saying 2 different things too, some say you get used to it and it become less effective with long term use, and some say it builds up too much gaining too much acetylcholine and you need to take a break. Confused!


DMAE is a pursecuter to Acetylcholine, huperzine a prevents the breakdown, Vinpocetine assists with blood flow to the brain.


Thanks for starting the new thread and the cliff notes. I've been debating trying out a racetam, but I've been having a hard time trying to find a source for some of them. Are they getting harder to find these days or do I just suck at Google?


Has anybody here tried synaptine excel? it can be foudn at cerebralhealth.com anyway each cap contains 400mgs of oxiracetam and 300mgs of Alpha GPC and its $60 for the 60 count bottle. Either way I'll probly experiment with a bottle and let you guys know what i think. thanks


The Life Extension people say to cycle Huperzine.

They are usually a very scientific, reliable source. I take a majority(but not everything) of what they say as solid, factual info.

Here is what they say

"We have extensively evaluated Huperzine A and do not recommend that healthy people take it every day. Huperzine A functions as an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor. That means that it inhibits an enzyme in your brain that is responsible for degrading the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. Alzheimerâ??s disease patients have elevated levels of acetylcholinesterase and can therefore benefit by taking drugs like Aricept or nutrients like Huperzine A, which inhibit acetylcholinesterase.

Healthy people, on the other hand, need acetylcholinesterase to regulate acetylcholine levels in their brains. If you wanted to impress someone with your short-term memory on any given day you could safely take the recommended dose of Huperzine A, but we would not advise that you do so daily. We have a member who is a world class chess player, and has proven he can improve his scores by taking Huperzine A the day of a chess tournament.

While it is safe to boost acetylcholine levels by inhibiting acetylcholinesterase periodically, chronic use of Huperzine A could cause over-suppression of acetylcholinesterase and subsequent acetylcholine overload with unknown consequences. Remember, you can take huge amounts of acetylcholine precursors such as choline without fear of acetylcholine overload because you have acetylcholinesterase to degrade excess acetylcholine. If you block the bodyâ??s natural regulator of acetylcholine (that regulator being acetylcholinesterease), you may have a problem. We do not recommend that people take Huperzine A more than twice a week, much less promote it for daily use like other companies do.


So far I've tried DMAE, Vinpo, Piraceteam and Moda. Love them all.

These types of supplement are really the BEST types b/c they actually WORK.


Is Moda completely safe though? It is very intriguing...


You (typically) need a script for it.

Some sneaky people have ways around that...


Haven't even gotten through the first thread yet... yes, I'm one of those, the guy that ACTUALLY reads the entire thread before making decisions...

While I'm reading the old thread, I'll cut and paste some of the informative posts... Here's one from Tone:


My Dad is 85 years old, and complains about short term memory loss/forgetfulness, low energy, trouble concentrating... I'd like to suggest some nooptropics for him, but I hesitate because he's got heart disease (multiple angioplasties over the years) as well as other health issues (shingles which affected his eye, not sure if that is relevant though). My main point is that if I were to get him on nootropics and he were to (totally coincidentally) have a stroke for example, I would feel guilty whether rightly or wrongly.

Are there any nootropic regimens that are appropriate for the elderly, and considered especially safe?


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Biotest, are you seeing this, as well as the popularity of the other nootropic thread? Could be some serious money to be made on developing a powerful nootropic supplement.

(yes, I know you have Spike, but...)


I think both Spike and Powerdrive are sort of a combo of mind and body booster.

Works well. But isn't exactly brain specific.

Meaning a product could be developed that would work much better, something that was more cerebral and less focused on physical performance.

I think the emphasis those products place on physical performance sort of pulls away from the mental aspect they bring, which is great, but still limited.


Exactly. Considering how many University students we have on here, to say nothing of people who just want to perform better mentally, it seems to me that there is an untapped market for a Biotest Cognitive enhancer. Spike and Power Drive do provide a mental boost to some extent but something specifically designed and marketed as a nootropic would do well, I think.


Spike and Power Drive are great, and as I understand it, Alpha-GPC is basically a nootropic and a form of choline.


I heard mention in the last thread about how people with ADD may not get the same effects. I was diagnosed with ADHD before it was the popular thing to do and spent most of my life on ritalin, concerta, adderral, or some other drug looking for something that would allow me to focus but still remain a normal human being.

That said (explains a lot, doesn't it?) does anyone have any specific recommendations for someone with ADD or variants? I've got Vinpo and DMAE on the way but I want to look into others as well.


They should have put Alpha-GPC in Power Drive.

Now that would have been cool.