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brain food, pre-exam eating

I’ve got final for the fall term coming up, and even though I’m fully fed up with school, I still want to do well. Any suggestions for pre-exam food, exam-day food to turn the ol’ thinker up a knotch? These are 3 hour exam too, so I wouldn’t mind a dish that will satiate me for a while. I’ve got powerdrive too.

Any protein will do, but fresh fish with all those good oils would be ideal.

I’m taking the LSAT next week, would also love to hear some suggestions

Just avoid breads and other simple carbs so you don’t crash during a test. Power Drive is awesome! May want to add a little caffeine for long exams though.

For the guy who asked about the LSAT, you get a break in the middle, so be sure to take some water and a Grow! bar or some mixed nuts, or even a sandwich, so you can re-charge in the middle. If you go the sandwich route, don’t make it turkey though (watch out for the tryptophan). You could probably also take along another serving of PowerDrive too.

The PowerDrive will help. Take a protein & fat meal, decent sized one and you should be fine.


Thanx BB!

Just whatever you do, don’t drink a whole lot before your exam. (This includes caffeine) Sitting during a 3 hour exam, busting for a piss in the first hour is no fun. :frowning:

I think Chris Shugart also recommended 3000mg of Tyrosine with 200mg caffeine before an exam for maximum mental stimulation. Otherwise just use the Powerdrive.