Brain Fog

Does the brain fog ever go away. I have been on TRT for a year and a half. First androgel which stopped working and have been on test cyp for about 7 months.

They have me on a very low dose, 45mg a week which gets me at about 490 TT.
The brain fog has never gone and on some days is really bad, it is probably the worst thing for me about low test.

I am in Canada and it has been an up hill battle to get on TRT and they don’t want to take my weekly levels any higher. Next option is to head to the US to get help.

Please read the advice for new guys sticky.

Causes of brain fog:

  • CBC news
  • low free testosterone
  • elevated E2
  • low thyroid function - see first paragraph in the above sticky

Note that inability to absorb transdermal T is a symptom of [subclinical] hypothyroidism

Post your location, someone might have advice. Also see the finding a TRT doc sticky - which might not help much there.
What is your budget for out-of-pocket services.

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Ok I don’t know if CBC news causing brain fog was a joke, but if you were Canadian you would find it funny.
I am in Prince George, B.C. if anyone can help finding a new TRT doctor, mine are living in the TRT dark ages and only do what the Urologist tells them.
As far as what I will spend to get better I will spend what I have to, but would like to find someone in B.C… Talked to my Pharmacist today, he says lots of Docs doing TRT in Prince George.
I see my doc tomorrow for my injection. Had blood work (total test) on Monday but am pushing to get dose raised, currently 45mg test cyp once a week. If not I am on a quest to find a new doc.
As for thyroid I take an iodine supplement, but will take my temps to see where they are. Used to get cold easily before I started iodine but am good now.

I was from Canada, our inside joke.

see the finding a TRT doc sticky