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Brain Fog/ Dull Headaches

When I get what I call brain fog it is accompanied with a dull headache in front of my temples, and behind my eyes. It makes it hard to watch TV, look at the computer, read, concentrate, ect. If I take a short nap or rest it will go away for a while, then come back.
Because I am feeling a lot better in other areas I am starting to think it may be from eye strain, and the need for glasses. I have always had 20/20 vision, but at 52 years old I have been using OTC reading glasses lately.
Would guys experiencing what they call brain fog please respond with your symptoms, and what you do to relieve them.

I’m going down that path now… I’m not on TRT yet, I have an Uro apt next week but brain fog is one of my symptoms. I would describe it as decreased mental clarity, slight vertigo, almost looking while squinting when not needing to or having a slight alcohol buzz. Sound similar?