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Brain Fog at 50

Obviously there are a lot of conditions that can cause this. I’ve been on TRT for about 6 1/2 weeks and feel better but still feel like there is gum in my brain. In the last few years have noticed a cognitive decline that is one of the things that drove me to TRT. It was coupled with the really low libido, weakness, fatigue, flushing, apathy… I had an MRI and an EKG and my brain apparently show no signs of atrophy or any of the markers for alzheimer’s. So I think my brain is okay.

I know there is often a lot of talk on here about thyroid function as well. I was wondering if any of the seasoned users had experience or can relate to me any stories about guys that felt like they had cognitive issues taken care of by tweaking thyroid or just by giving TRT more than a few weeks.

I did a thyroid panel for Defy Medical at my intake and I am due for more labs for my 90 day follow up btw.

Right about now your honeymoon period is ending where you are getting the benefit of your own T plus the exogenous T from TRT. Your system is shutting down production and you are feeling the decline as it get used to the new dose. This is typical. Stay the course.

You’re expectations need realignment, TRT can be a slow process taking several months to reach maximum benefits. When my estrogen is high, I feel like cognitive ability is low, yet when lower I feel very clear minded. Creativity is incredible.

Your HPTA is likely shutting down and ending your TRT honeymoon phase, you must wait for your body to adapt and could take weeks.

Onset of effects of testosterone treatment and time span until maximum effects are achieved

The brain fog and cognitive issues were pre-existing. I suspect when I have my next follow up the Dr. at defy may want to try to adjust my thyroid. He had talked about a little but I said I wanted to change one variable at a time.

He had mentioned that a lot of guys that have cognitive issues when a certain marker is in the middle of one of the reference ranges do much better when it is at the higher end. I dont’ remember exactly which one it was.

I understand my body is adjusting right now. I just had questions about that one specific symptom and was asking in the context of knowing the Dr. may bring it up again.

Alright man. Good luck and keep us posted.

Probably Free T3, it speeds up every cell in the body.