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Brain Candy Out of Stock

Hey Biotest folks!

Is there an ETA on when Brain Candy with caffeine will be restocked? I run out in 2 days, just wondering if this is a very short term issue, or if I should look into alternative products. Thanks!

I’ve never heard that term before in reference to cocaine. I’ve heard nose candy, not brain candy.

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…I was gonna say, brain candy is not slang for cocaine. And I’m even more confused as to how that’s a millennial thing to do.

Knowing your usage schedule, I’m a little surprised you don’t have a case, a backup case, and a double-emergency-backup case. But I’ll double-check to see if I can find out.

You can also shoot an e-mail to Service@Biotest.net or give them a call at 800-525-1940 to get in touch with Biotest Customer Service directly.

Yeah, uh, no. That’s not a thing.

“It’s, like, an obscure reference. I doubt you’ve heard of it before.”


I appreciate that Chris.

Yea I usually have plenty. I figured there’d be a memorial day sale so I waited longer than I usually do. Clearly a bad idea, lol.

When is Biotest releasing their “booger sugar” supplement line?


it’s gonna be a few weeks before the original brain candy is restocked, so I’ll be trying the caffeine free version for the first time. I’ll let you guys know what I think of it!

That’d make a pretty friggin hilarious nose-tork name.