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Brain Candy Info?


what does everyone know about this new supplement. I have been out of the loop for a bit and want to catch up. Thanks,


I know that I want it.


There will be 2 kinds: stim and not. Prob both in liquid form. They have been real tight w/ details.


Its meant to be like that movie, where that bloke has the drugs, and he.. umm... does stuff cause he is smart... and.. ahh.. stuff... I forgot where I was going with this.

I need Brain Candy.


First pic from production facility. Stay tuned for full info.




^That is just a ridiculous pic -lol.





This thread convinces me that Chris Shugart is a bad bad bad bad man.


So it is a stimulant and mood enhancer? What seperates it from other stimulants on the market? How exactly does reducing social anxiety lead to muscle gains or is it even supposed to? just curious thanks


A bit off topic but whatever.

Could a Biochemist end up working for a supplements Company??


Looks like a Spike energy shooter, with ZMA ?

But seriously tho, I'm curious.

I'd like more details.


There's a caffeine version and a non-caffeine version. We won't know what separates it from other products on the market until they release the label publicly and we know the ingredients. Some possible suspects: ginkgo, bacopa, vinpocetine, huperzine A, gotu kola, etc.

I don't think Biotest ever said anything about increased muscle gains taking this supplement. It could do that indirectly, however, from increased mood/energy/focus/whatever and thus better performance in the gym.


I am so interested in this concoction. I'm actually hoping the ingredients might be something different from what you've mentioned as I'm looking for something that could be additive to my own stack....but replacement might be OK as well (from a convenience factor).

The arena of "mind nutrition" is such an open fertile area for discovery!


I actually have a feeling it will be a couple ingredients I haven't even heard of before or aren't widely popular. At least I hope.


More smarter = better job? = more money for food, supplements, and time to workout :slight_smile:

Real curious to see this new product. Any time frame for release?




it tastes good


They sent you a bottle to try too?


yeah, i had citrus blast. you?