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Brain Candy Experiment


Hello all, I don't spend a ton of time on the forums so much anymore but I have purchased 2 cases of Brain Candy and will be running a blog of my experiences with it. I don't see anyone else posting a progress forum on this new supplement yet so I'll start.

I will not be reposting what's going on here as that will take too much time and I'm pretty sure those already on T-Nation forums don't need anymore marketing based convincing to use/try this supplement so I'm going to do the review off-site on my blog to reach a greater audience as well as present my findings in an unbiased way.

If I love the stuff, you'll know about it. If it's shit, you 'll also know about it.

3 days in however, it's going very positive.


is where you will find the beginning of this experiment. I'm hoping the moderators do not see this as a threat in me posting my off-site link. They best not, I'm a huge Biotest and T-Nation supporter as well a VERY loyal customer these past 5 years.

Part 2 will come after the 15 day mark. Part 3 after 30 full days of supplementation of Brain Candy.

Any questions, feel free.


LOL.. Based on your sensitivity to caffeine, it sounds like you should have waited for the caffeine free version. :slight_smile:

I'd be interested in hearing from people who work with their minds on their Brain Candy experience. Any engineers or scientists out there trying this?


BiP comes to mind as someone with a solid scientific background and an understanding of nootropics. I believe he has at least tried the samples made available through the Indigo Project, though I'm not sure if he is experimenting with regular use.


BiP has been commenting in the live spill. He likes it.


I wouldn't say I've got A LOT of experience with nootropics. A lot of members with much more experience come to mind.

But I have tried a couple of things and Brain Candy is the best one so far and one of the only two that left me with absolutely no doubt regarding the effectiveness.

I've done 2 doses 2 days in a row (the samples that I got) - original first, then decaf. The effects were definitely there - significantly improved focus, better mood, decreased social anxiety, more patience, better able to resolve problems, etc.

I've added 3 cases to my next order. I'm going on holiday before it arrives, so I will start regular use in 2.5 weeks, 17th April. I will also give a couple of samples to some friends (2 bottles each) and see what they think.



To be clear - I have not tried it in a work setting yet. Day 1 was a conference followed by a party, day 2 was an off day that included a training session and some social interaction.



Hey I only said you had an understanding :wink:


thanks for the feedback BIP. Will be interested to see if it helps you in the analytical role of engineering.


I know, I just wanted to make sure no one thinks I'm a nootropic guru or something :stuck_out_tongue: I'd rather people approach what I think about Brain Candy with caution.



I hope it does. The three "fronts" that I can see it helping on as far as my university work is concerned are:
1) Report writing (since I hate it and can't focus)
2) Computer modeling (the creative part, but also with an analytical component since I have to critically analyze the results)
3) Experiments (cutting frog embryos with a pair of forceps requires a lot of precision and patience :wink: ).

I'll have more to report in late April / early May, but I imagine Brain Candy should significantly help with the three things above.



I got a case for my wife, she's in finance. Hasn't noticed anything in 2 weeks. I tried it a few times hoping......felt no difference ;(


I'm on day 3 and so far I'm on the fence with this product.

Day 1 - I felt tons of energy, but I felt more anxiety when talking to people instead of less. No jitters, but the energy was way too much I could hardly focus. I can usually drink coffee/energy drinks without any problem so not sure why it hit me so bad.

Day 2 - Felt some energy on my drive to work, but then felt tired. No energy, no jitters. Had to have a cup of coffee around 2pm to pick me up. Normally I don't have coffee that late. It was one of the least productive days at work for me.

Today is day 3 and so far I do feel like I want to be more productive, but I don't feel as energetic as I would if I had a preworkout supp.


actually i had a similar experience as selfinflicted. how is your carb intake? i felt much more tired today (day 4) but after a high carb meal it felt like a clean high energy/focus. Also consuming anything with gluten seems to nul the effects of it temporarily.


I'm on day four today, and similarly, I felt less energy than the previous three. It was still a nice, clean, anxiety-free energy. But it lacked the punch and the bliss of the previous days.


I'm almost done with Day 5. I'm still not personally noticing the benefits. Normally I don't stress about work, but so far since starting to take Brain Candy I've actually been stressing more about work and other things. At one point today I felt extremely stressed over my workload, which is out of character for me.

I've also noticed my road rage has increased from being minimal to much more frequent since Brain Candy.


Interesting. I just started day 5. It feels better than day four. It has definitely helped my stress and anxiety level at work. I am definitely feeling happier, and almost spontaneously laughed on my way to work for no reason. I'm feeling great today.

Your road rage comment is interesting because I find myself much more able to handle stress, however, a couple times when I got pissed I flew off at the handle, which is odd for me.

But I have to say, I am feeling far better than I normally do as I sit here and type this.


Those of you feeling more stressed or short tempered on Brain Candy, are you normally laid-back personalities? Those of you feeling less anxious / more relaxed, are you more of a type A / shorter temper type (like myself)?


I'm definitely a laid back type. But the couple times I got angry on Brain Candy, I was definitely more angry than usual. I don't know what to make of that since it does give me a feel good mindset. Incidentally, I have been eating low carb (under 50g) diet for a couple weeks. I ate carbs last night, and the Brain Candy gave me a stronger feeling today. I'm not sure if that is a coincidence.

I'm on my 8th consecutive day. I love this stuff. A lot. I like to take a shot as soon as my alarm goes off. Then I lie down and let the good vibes wash over me. Getting out of bed has never been so easy!


I've been taking Brain Candy for awhile now. I tend to get stressed out or have a short-temper when I take it and don't get any food in me within an hour... I guess the caffeine hits me harder that way, which makes sense since it's on an empty stomach. I mitigate that by being sure to eat breakfast 45-60m after taking it.