Brain Candy and Anxiety

I purchased some to try (with caffein) and it states do not consume if you have anxiety. Is that strictly because of the caffein or is there other things in it that can cause/worsen anxiety?

We give that warning because anxiety is a medical diagnosis. And anyone with that diagnosis is/was under medical care and should consult with a healthcare professional before taking supplements that affect the brain.

The name of the supplement is “Brain Candy” because it’s literally candy for the healthy brain. There are potent compounds in it that affect neurotransmitters and neurotransmission. It makes your brain work optimally and recharges what a modern, busy person utilizes during a hectic day. It’s highly effective and used by a very famous sports team to enhance performance during games.

Most people who are caffeine sensitive know what “sets them off.”

If in doubt, get the caffeine-free version.


Thanks! I suffer from anxiety but caffeine isn’t a trigger. I was just curious. Gonna try it daily for a couple months and reevaluate. Today was the first day.


Awesome. Looking forward to how things go over the next couple months.

I don’t have a diagnosis, but my personality can lean towards the anxious side. I’m definitely one of those people that Tim referred to as knowing what “sets them off” with regards to caffeine.

I typically use the caffeinated version without any negative caffeine triggers. I’m currently using the caffeine-free version because I’m also using Hot-Rox.

I’ve actually found that Brian Candy helps my stress and worry levels (and with being less introverted).

This is the stuff I find so cool. I feel like years ago there was a photo of an NBA player with some Biotest products in his locker. Maybe a client of Mike Roussell’s, perhaps?

I definitely have anxiety, diagnosed.

I had a 4 pack of them a few years ago. Loved them. Used them at work. They really did elicit that “next level” feeling of high energy, no jitters, and great mood for an extended period without the crash.They are pretty much exactly as described.

Mileage may vary of course, but I really got a kick out of them.

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That’s awesome! Just curious for the sake of the thread, did you have the caffeinated or caffeine-free version?

I had the caffeinated version. Im somewhat tollerant to caffeine(and honestly, somewhat dependant), but too much + stress + pressure and it becomes an aggravator.

The thing that I feel really set Brain Candy apart from just coffee or anything else was the lightening of mood and mental clarity.

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I think that nails it nicely.

Speaking of caffeine and anxiety, I notice that I have a lower tolerance for coffee versus caffeine from other sources (namely Brain Candy and Spike). I have no idea if there is anything actually going on there, or if it is all in my head. But coffee definitely seems to put me on edge most of the time.

Delivery definitely makes a difference for me.

In order of enjoyment-

  1. Green tea or coffee + theanine

  2. Coffee

  3. Caffeine anhydrous- complete :poop:. Hate it.

But my stimulant consumption has been pretty strictly limited in the past couple years due to other complications (heart attack/failure).


Absolutely, same here. I drink coffee around once a week, and just one cup has a pronounced effect on me, significantly different from Brain Candy. Definitely more ‘jittery’ from coffee. I don’t get that at all from Brain Candy

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So I haven’t got to test them with normal every day life, but I have got to use them on half my call week so far.

From Thursday at 5pm till today (Monday 6:30am) we have worked 74 hours of overtime. Idk how many of the Brain Candies I’ve consumed, but it’s a decent amount. All that work was done on two 4 hour nap sessions and I didn’t hallucinate at all (normally happens with extreme sleep deprivation with me) and I’ve felt better than I normally do on these crazy long call weeks.
Looking forward to trying them out on normal work days.

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I have been using Brain Candy for years and have a suggestion. I used to tolerate a bottle of the original version quite well but in my older years, I seem to have gotten more sensitive to caffiene (normal for many folks as we age) and no longer can handle a full dose. What I do now is order both orginal and caffiene free versions, mix a bottle of each together, pour and refill the orginal bottle with half of this two dose mixture (place in the fridge for the next day) and then consume the leftover half. This gives half dose around 150mg of caffiene with a full dose of all the Brain Candy stuff. Of course, you could just get the caffiene free one and some caffiene pills to a similar result.