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Brain Booster Products

After somehow missing the Brain Boosters threads for 5 years, and stumbling upon it a few weeks before I go back to school, I am wondering if anybody has tried this website? Is it reliable?


I ask because on the manufacturers wholesale website, it appears they no longer carry the product. Maybe virtuvites is just selling off their stock?


If anybody has a more reputable website in Canada or knows of a website that can deliver into Canada, custom seizing free, could they please pm me?


After seeing London Runners post in the Brain Function Booster V.2 I went to Physician Formulas for DMAE and Vinpocetine. Rather good prices. Got 8 bottles of each. Still looking for Aniracetam and possibly Oxiracetam.

Thanks to BBB for helping everybody else in the Brain Function Boosters threads because it’s helped me! Also I am an idiot because on the 2nd page of Brain Function Boosters there is a reference to Physician Formulas recommended by BBB. I am in dire need of some nootropics and it is showing! I am also looking for centrophenoxine. Does anybody have any good links for that product?