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Bragging, Biotest and Scitec

I just wanted to brag a bit… starting October 22nd 2000 until today, I read every single
article posted on T-Mag online, from number 1, ending with number 152…
unfortunately, I was informed that Biotest guys don’t ship orders from my country (Croatia).
I performed an additional search on the Internet and found out that Biotest doesn’t
sell in Slovenia either (I am close to Slovenia, 20 miles from the state border).
I wanted to ask two questions: does anybody know if Biotest products are sold somewhere
in northern Italy, close to cities Udine or Trieste (I am also near Italy, 40 miles away)?
Another, not so related question I already asked but received no answer: I am currently
using protein and creatine products from company called Scitec. What is the opinion
about the quality of their products? Piss poor, “horse hooves” protein or something
worth taking? Thank you in advance.

the scitec stuff seems to be high quality,they rely a bit too much on whey protien,but if thats all you can get,i’d mix the protien in a mixture of skim milk and half and half to slow absorption.have you tried ordering biotest products off the from a site like netrition?

Sasa,you could order it from netrition website.

I see there are also other guys who read everyting. :wink: Tnx for the reply, I’ll check out this Netrition site, but I guess even if they ship to Croatia, I’ll have to pay the tax and customs fee and it will cost like pot of gold. I don’t want to deal with Croatian customs service either and discuss with the morons what is a supplement and what isn’t. I’ll try to find a source in northern Italy.

You would have to pay for the shipping charge but,if I recall correctly, you won’t have to pay our customs fee(PDV). Label says: Food supplements-for personal use only. Many of those products aren’t even regulated by our law,so our customs simply don’t check those packages.