Bragg Organic Sprinkle

Herbs and spices, like the ones in this mix, are among the most nutrient-dense foods there are, ranking right up there with organ meats like liver. They’re bursting with bioactive compounds like tannins, alkaloids, phenolic terpenes, and vitamins, especially flavonoids and polyphenols.

I was in the process of putting together something like this for my own use when I found Bragg’s version. Aside from organic ingredients like rosemary, thyme, carrot, and black pepper among its 24 ingredients, it contains some surprising ones like organic apple cider vinegar, organic extra virgin olive oil, and turmeric, from which curcumin is extracted. Sprinkle it on vegetables, meat, or fish to give yourself a nutritional booster shot. Oh yeah, it also tastes so good you could actually skip the salt, or at least use less of it. – TC Luoma

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Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Bought some and used it on some steaks. It’s amazing!

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