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Brady Quinn Bench Press

Anyone else impressed with a quarterback benching 225 pounds 24 times? There are some college lineman who could not do that. In fact, I would bet that most college quarterbacks couldn’t press 225 more than 10 reps.

impressed…no he looks like he worries more about his bf% than the coverages hes gonna flop in the pros but maybe he’ll look into bodybuilding later
hahahahha all jokes aside he was a fun qb to watch in college but i dont think he will pan out in the pros IMO


With all I have learned these last few years having a QB bench like that seems like a mistake.

If he is smart that will be the last time he bench presses.

I was impressed but not surprised by Quinn’s 24 reps. For the last year or so announcers have remarked that he’s exceptionally strong for a QB, his website claims a 350lb bench max and a 475lb squat max. I think I read that an upcoming issue of Men’s Health will feature his preparation for the combine.

Even though I dislike ND, I think he’ll be a great player in the NFL. I think Quinn is the most pro-ready QB in the draft. His receivers dropped a lot of balls in key games last year, too.

I think the guy is a stud. ND was not a good team this year, despite their record. He was a one man show in many come-backs. He carried the entire team on his back. My prediction is that he will do VERY WELL in the NFL. Kind of reminds me of Jim McMahon back in the 80’s. Big, strong, muscular, and tough. Jim would have been one of the greats if that dirty asshole lineman hadn’t bodyslammed him and broken his shoulder.

Quinn is my #1 QB choice.

I agree that his bench numbers do not necessarily translate into being a good pro QB. Joe Montana looked like he never touched a weight but is considered one of the best to ever play.