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Brads Road to Opportunity

I just recently decided that im going to put forth some extra effort because:

Im not shredded enough
I have much free time in the summer
I don't see enough real bodybuilders keeping logs here
my ultimate goal is to make a name for myself

So i am recording my new training log here and i begin tomorrow with weights and such. I am creating my own program this time for as long as i see fit (or until im suffering from a terrible headache and feel sick because of overtraining).

I am also doing this so people can give me a kick in the ass, when i go out and eat a dozen cookies and a gallon of milk in the middle of the night.

Also i want critiqueing, i will try to post pictures.

My goal right now is mostly bodybuilding, as i will be competing in the Mr. Ball State next year, more than likely.

Basic Info:
Age: 18
Weight: Currently 205
Height: 5’9 (estimated)

Bench: 325
Squat: 365
Deadlift: 415

Training Routine:

Monday: Chest
Bench Press 5,5,5,3,3,3
Incline Press 8,8,8,8
Cable Fly 25+
Calf Raise Machine 25,25,25
Seated Calf Raise 8,6,6

Tuesday: Back
Deadlift 8,8,8,5,5,5
Chin-up 8,8,8,5,5,5
Cable Row 12,15
DB Shrugs 10,10,10

Wends: Off

Thurs: Arms
DB Curls 5,5,5,3,3
E-Z Bar Curls 8,8,8,8
Decline Close-Grip Bench 5,5,5,5,5
Cable Push-Downs 10,10,8,8

Friday: Shoulders
Seated Military Press 8,8,5,5
Front Raises with Plate max,max,max
Side Lateral Raises 10,10,10,10 (I go heavier and heavier until i can’t do ten reps with the given weight)
Swiss Ball Crunches 15,15
Leg Raises 25,25

Saturday: Legs
Squats: 10,10,8,6,6,3
Leg Press 25,25,25
Leg Curls 8,8,6,6

This routine more than likely will be switched around over the few weeks.

All well-informed comments and helpful opinions are welcome.

it may be too much volume, it may not be.

im going to continue this thread as long as i can so i will continue to blog about my life.

My goal is to become a famous strength coach such as Charles Poliquin or Christian Thibaudeau.

I am attending Ball State to receive my degree in exercise science with my study focusing on becomeing a strength coach.

anything that you know that may help me attain my goals message me or reply with your thoughts.

thanks brad.

im off to the gym now

I had a can of tuna, 2 tablspoons peanut butter and i had a nitro-tech hardcore bar all within the last 2 hours leading up to my workout.

1 1/2 Scoop SuperNova by Sci-Fit (until it runs out)
1 HOT-ROX Extreme
1 serving Con-Cret (sample from GNC)

In The Trenches:
Bench Press warm-up(45x20, 95x15, 135x10, 185x5, 225x5)
Working Sets 275x5, 275x5, 275x5, 285x2 275x5, 275x3
Incline Dumbell Press 80x8, 85x8, 90x8, 95x5, 100x5
Decline Cable Fly 50x25
Rotary Calf Machine 70x25 110x25 150x25
Seated Calf Machine 90x10 90x10 90x10

This workout felt just right, and it wasnt the exact program i laid out above, but this is just an example of when i use a program as just a example.

I had a terrible headache through the workout, this is usually a sign that i am sick or that my nervous system is overtrained.

Bench should have been a little easier cause i wanted to hit 285 three times easy. Also i hit calves very hard and went into the burn zone for a long time. I also did the seated calf machine with a double contraction.

Post Workout Shake:
2 scoops Optimum Nutrition Gold Stnd. Whey
1/2 cup oats
1 Banana
about ten grams BCAA’s

Todays Workout again is different from my original plan above just because that is how it worked out. The shrugs is too much anyway after all the dealifts.


Deadlift 315x6, 335x6(sumo), 335x5, 365x3(sumo), 365x2, 315x6…i was tired

Weighted Chin-Ups 45x5 45x8 90x2 1/2, 45x7 1/2, BWx10ish (hard contraction)

Finishing Exercises for the pump all with hard contractions:
Bent Row 135x10
Hammer Cable Row 4x15 8x10 (plate number x reps)
V-Bar Pull Down 6x15+

killer workout, i must strive to increase my work capacity because i gas out on deads really fast. My chest is pretty sore from yesterday, which is good in a way. My back will be really sore tomorrow, i can tell.

Post-Workout Shake:
2 scoops optimum nutrition gold standard whey
Extra BCAA powder from Sci-Fit
1/2 cup oats
1 banana

now i need to eat more…

tomorrows an off day

Off Day

food i ate so far…

three eggs
1 peach
1 slice swiss cheese
1 can tuna
about three tablespoons penut butter
three scoops protein powder
1 nitro-tech hardcore bar

dont give me shit about the bar. i work at gnc and i hardly pay anything for them. they only have 1 gram of sugar too.

o yeah.
currently, it is impossible to flex my back. Already tried a lat spread… way too sore.

my chest is still sore too.

high volume hurts.

im switching arm and shoulder day around, i dont think my arms are %100 because of my intense back and chest day.

when this week is over i write down my actual split.

we are running low on food at the house and i have no money. So i will be taking some free protein bars from work today. lol

Todays Workout:

Shoulders and Abs

Plate Loaded Machine Shoulder Press 90lbs. per side x 10,10,10 135lbs per side x 5,6,5

Barbell Front Raises 45x10,10 65x6,6

Lateral Raises 25x10 30x10 35x10 40x10 (loose form with the forties)

Swiss Ball Crunches Weighted Behind Head 25x15 25x15 0x15 (with hard contraction)

Straight Leg Raises 25,25,25

Rope Crunches Stack x 15

shit ive been going throught some tought times with money issues and car issues, which is the same as money issues.

So, rant time:

fuck that stupid 5/3 bank and there ridiculous overdraft fees that keep burying you into a deeper and deeper hole. Do they realize that one hundred dollares to me is a serious blow, i had to borrow money from my mom for gas, what the hell. And those damn gas stations only show up as a one dollar fee on your account, so when you check it, it sais you have more than you really do. So you overdraft. Than these mysterious overdraft fees appear out of nowhere. So then they tell you a week and a half later that you have overdrafted you account. Well, guess what dipshit, you should have told me a week ago to stop spending money than instead of getting rich off a god damn kid thats not even 20 yet. ASSHOLES!

Arm Day tonight, ill be thinking of 5/3 bank. asswhipes

Friday’s Workout

DB Curls 25x8 30x8 35x6 45x6 50x6 55x3 35x8+
Lying Arm Extension 45x15 85x5 85x6 105x5 105x5 105x3
Preacher Curl Strict Form 65x8 65x8 65x8 75x6 85x3
Tricep Pushdowns 14x8 14x10 Stackx8 Stackx10 Stackx8

Todays Workout

Squats Barx15 135x10 185x8 225x3 275x5 275x5 295x5 295x5 315x3 225x15
One Legged Press 180x12 180x15
Leg Extension 90x12 90x15
Calf Raise 90x10 90x10

todays workout
Barbell Bench 275x5,4 225x10,9,9
Incline DB 80x6 90x6 100x3
Cable Fly’s 80x15 45x20

I just decided today to work my way up to ten sets of ten with 225 for bench. Basically this natural guy at my gym gave me the advice and i trust him. Not to mention his is 240 lbs and ripped.

Yesterdays Workout
315x6 315x6 365x5 365x4 315x8(sumo)

Bent Row
Pull Down
Single Arm Cable Row

off day today

Friday is Arm Day

First i tested my max on bb curls, on this i went up to 135 pounds for a few reps which is a PR

DB Curls 30x15 45x6 55x4 PR
SkullCrusher 65x12 65x12 85x8 85x8 105x3

Close Grip Preacher 65x8 65x8 65x8(Perfect Form)
Tricep Pushdowns (plate #) 10x10 14x10 Stackx6 Stackx8 10x15
Reverse Curls 50x12 50x12

Leg Day

i beleive my soas muscle is not functioning again because my squat was weak, but also the weight felt hevier on the left side.

Squat 225x6 275x5 225x12…o well, next time i will be back

Front Squat 135x12 185x6 easy

one legged press 3 plates per side x6,8,10

Leg Extension 90x15 90x15 90x20 with good squeezes.

Calf Work…

came home, downed shake, and off to work.


Chest Day

okay, so i didnt make ten sets of ten with 225 yet, but i got six

BB Bench Press 225x10,10,10,9,10,10
Incline Bench 135x10 (big Stretch) 185x8
Cable Fly 80x12

and thats it.


Back Day

Rack Deadlift i worked up to 495 for 3

Bent Row 225x10,12,15

Chin 12,12,12
supersetted with
Rope PullDown 10x12 12x6 12x6