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Brad's 3/5/1 w/Singles Log


This is copied from another website i posted on.

May 12th -

Hey folks, i just finished my first 3/5/1 w/singles variation of Wendlers original 5/3/1.

You can read a little about it here http://asp.elitefts.com/qa/default.asp?qid=113986&tid=

It basically adds a few singles with your training max for weeks 1 and 3 and switches around weeks 1 and 2.

I won't be following it to the letter because i don't squat much and assistance work will be much different.

First session: I'm not doing jack shit.

Deadlift - 143x10 warmup, 264x3, 308x3, 341x3, 380x1x2

My number one fitness goal is a 500lb deadlift - i done 424 about 3 weeks ago.

Just to add if i feel like it i'll be doing some assistance work later today. Power shrugs and rows possibly. Or incline rear delt raises and some curls.

May 13th -

Bench session

132x8, 187x3, 209x3, 242x3, 264x1x2

Pretty good session i haven't lose much strength the last 2-3 weeks which i backed off a lot. Since i plan on accelerating the cycles - 20 days maybe - i won't be doing much assistance work. I'm sure i'll do some with the deload session.

I also picked up 380 lastnight cold when we were watching the hockey game - it came up easy. I do weird stuff like that.

12 hours later

OHP - 44x8, 88x5, 110x3, 126x3, 143x3, 154x1x2

Solid session i haven't done much OHP's the last few mths.

Deadlifts again tomorrow. That will be 3 days straight so sunday will be a off day. I'm not doing much volume though considering i haven't done any assistance work yet but i'll be including it soon. 2-3 exercises not including the main lift.

I decided to take the weekend off but i'll be hitting it hard starting monday. 3 days straight most likely. However, the way i'm condensing 3 sessions in 2 days using just the Deadlift, OHP and bench press i will be working the cycle in 2-3 weeks no problem. Which was always my beef with 5/3/1 its not aggressive enough for me.

I read one strongman does a full cycle in 10-14 days! Using the 5/3/1 loading.

May 16th (today)

Mini session

OH press - 99x5, 115x5, 132x5

I decided to switch the OH press and bench press around. I'll be benching in 4-6 hours. It might go against common wisedom but OH presses improved my right shoulder. I firmly believe that OH pressing improved my right shoulder so much that i was able to start barbell benching this year after a long layoff. In which i only used dumbells.

6 hours later:

A. Bench press - 132x5, 154x5, 176x5, 198x5, 220x5
B. Narrow bench press - 143x12x2
C. Bent arm flys - 60'sx8x2


Just to parrot people that are wiser than myself, my advice is to follow 5/3/1 (or 3/5/1 with singles) more closely to make room for future progress. Everybody's complaint seems to be that it starts too light and progresses too slowly, but if you let it run its course, it will help you get stronger and prevent plateaus.

As far as people completing cycles in 10 days, they've gotta be on buckets of steroids or not really doing 5/3/1. I mean, hell, that's more than one solid workout per day, even if you get rid of the four deload workouts.

And as another Brad doing 3/5/1, I'm looking forward to seeing you make great progress on this program.


Thanks for the encouragement. The main reason i condense training is because i work in the marine industry and sometimes i can be a few months without much access to equipment. Being overweight though helps in that regard because dips and pullups are very challenging.

The deadlift will be the most interesting lift. So far i feel great and i've done 2 deadlift session in about 5 days now.

The upper body lifts will be fine. I was benching up to 5x per week this year.


May 17th -

Mini session -

A. Deadlift - 143x10, 248x5, 286x5, 325x5

The last set was pretty tough. My conditioning is not that good and i'm not used to doing anything but singles when i get over 300lbs with the deadlift.

I might do some assistance work in 4-6 hours. I'll see how i feel.


Well shit, you're a beast! That's some pretty crazy frequency.


Mini session -

A. OH press - 44x10, 88x5, 115x5, 132x3, 154x1, 160x1, 154x1

5 hours later

A. Bench press - 132x5, 176x5, 198x5, 220x3, 248x1, 264x1, 270x1

Well i have my first cycle of presses done. I'll be using 160 (OHP) and 270 (BP) for my training maxes next cycle. I'll be deloading first and get some assistance work in.



A. Incline chest supported rows - 60'sx8, 65'sx6x3
B. DB Pullovers - 65x10, 75x10x4
C. Power shrugs - 220x5, 225x5, 231x5x3
D. Power reverse curls - 104x5, 110x5x4

This session was to help balance out my upper body training and keep my shoulders healthy.


Mini session:

OH press - 44x10, 115x3, 132x3, 143x3, 160x1, 165x1x2

5 hours later:

Bench Press - 132x5, 176x3, 192x3, 220x3, 242x3, 264x1

My BP suffered a bit tonight i think its due to DB pullovers which make my triceps very sore. I have to start doing them more often so recovery is not an issue or scrap them altogether. They seem to help my right shoulder, which gave me trouble for a longtime.


Deadlift session:

A. Deadlift - 132x10, 231x3, 275x3, 314x3, 352x3
B. Incline rear delt raises - 20'sx10x3
C. DB curls - 40'sx10x2

Scrapped the singles for the deadlift due to a little gout in my right knee. I think the higher reps in the 320+ range will really help my 1RM. Most of this year i've only done progressively heavier singles over 319lbs so i wouldn't fatigue to much. Working up to the high 300's to low 400's range.


May 26th -

A. OH press - 44x10, 110x5, 121x5, 138x5

May 27th -

A. Bench press - 132x5, 181x5, 203x5, 231x5

Sick today i was out to the local bar lastnight. Eventhough i'm real sick it was kind of worth, it must of been 4 or 5 different people who asked me what the hell was up?, you pumping iron or something? I even joked to one guy i was taking steroids and he believed me! lol