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Bradley Alexander who ya Got?


This is a fight im looking foward to. I think its a very good matchup stylistically and where they both are regarding careers. I got Alexander in this one, on the cards. I'm putting my money on devons superior footwork, power and quickness, even though the quickness isnt a huge advantage. Who you got?


Bradley on points or late stoppage. Conditioning, pressure, heart & a decent enough chin. Devon does some cute things with angles but pressure usually trumps that and Bradley's a consistent performer.



Love this cat. Like a good fighter come out of STL.


I love the Desert Storm.

That is all.


Scratch that, Devons taking Tim outta there


I'm going with bradley.


Well that's it then. An ugly, scrappy exchange that ended up with Tim getting the nod.

I didn't have any issues with either fighter. Sometimes styles compliment each other beautifully, sometimes they clash hideously. So it goes.

I'm sure there are many good fights at 140 coming down the road.