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Brad Pitts' exercise and diet routine

Does anyone know how Brad pitt exercises and diets. I’m pretty fit but have a small ring around flab that i simply can’t get rid off. I want to be lean like brad pitt. I’m 6’1" 185 and 16% bodyfat. I’m trying to get to 12% any help?

Check out “The Diet Manifesto” article in a previous issue of T-Mag. Just type the title into the search engine.

This topic seems to pop up with the frequency of those “how can I make my dick bigger” questions. Fuck!

go away.

Astronutz: I think Chris alluded to this once. In “Fight Club” he simply had that lean “Men’s Health” guy look. Most likely from low cals, LOTS of aerobics and “circuit” training; probably a little Juice…it’s unclear how much bangin’ Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston helped…but it sure as Hell can’t hurt!!! :-)----!!!

He is on the catfood and all ab workout program, give it a try.

U guys shouldn’t bash other people’s ideal looks…u like to be big and strong,nobody disses,but when people wanna become really lean,u all diss…of course though,he shouldn’t be asking “I wanna be Brad Pitt” type of way but rather “I wanna be lean and ripped”…

Thanks for the interest guys. While we’re on the subject, how DO I make my dick bigger? I saw that Demo Dick fella in the shower and, lemme tell ya, he’s packin’ a weapon. Jennifer is going to leave me if she sees that thing…

I dont understand why people always ask about Brad Pitt. Ok, sure he is very lean, but he is not big at all. I just cant understand. There are so many people who are just as lean or leaner than Bradd Pitt AND have more muscle. It just bugs me. Plus, a lot of guys like that are just genetic. My brother eats junk food and soda all of the time and does not work out regularly, and he has deep cut abs all of the time, of course he is not big either. Bradd Pitt, Who cares, its not something I would aspire to become.

I read about him once, I think he uses the “Im too much of a pussy to lift like a real T-Man” routine.
If I remember correctly, it consisted of good genes for the lean build, meth, coke, speed, and a few other assorted drugs, and some surgery, also.

Sorry, I just hate that dude so much. Take som acting lessons, pal. And that chick from “What Women Want,” that blonde no talent hooch. sorry, got off the subject…

you will have to go much further down the bf ladder than 12% to get the brad pitt look. i don’t know for sure where he is in terms of %, but he is more than likely in the 4%-6% range. just a guess though. kevo

gag why would you want to be that small? get some SIZE on you! i’d much rather see less ‘cuts’ than lean and ripped to the bone.

Pitt was on a Keto diet, extensive cardio and circuit training routine to prepare for his role in Fight Club (as was Norton). He spent approximately 3.5 hours per day perfecting his physique.

And whomever said 10-12% bodyfat wasn’t going to cut it was certainly right, there is no way his % was over 6 in that movie.

And to those who bash his physique, don't you have anything better to do? The guy who started this thread was probably more interested in attaining Pitts leanness and abs then he was in hearing about what a Pussy Pitt is. The guy went hardcore with his training in the gym, and he attained an unreal physique. That makes him a true T-man in my books.

And to whomever said he can’t act. My god man. He is probably the finest actor of our generation. Perhaps when you are done watching your Keanu Reeves collection for the 11th time you can re-review his performances.

Thanks for all of the compliments, man. You busy later?

i hate reeves, to boot.
Sorry, i just dont think he was that impressive. he was so damn small. small and ripped is cake when compared to big and lean. and he has that body type naturally, also. but, you are right, the poster did not want to hear my rambling about pitt being more of a woman than any female in the country, he was interested in his training idiology. I apologize.

How do you know such specifics about how Pitt and Norton train? Just curious.
As for his acting ability, I agree with you completely. He is indeed one of the best actors of his generation. And despite what some say, I believe he’s a very intelligent, grounded person as well…just read some of his interviews. I especially recommend his Rolling Stone interview in late october '99 when Fight Club was released. Any of you who really dislike him should check it out…it changed my mind. Peace.

Brad Pitt is “one of the finest actors of our generation”,… I think that quote speaks for itself, good god man!!!

I agree that pitt is an excellent actor, In fact I think Fight Club showcased 2 of the best actors of this generation, however, no question in my mind Norton is without a doubt the bast actor arguably ever.

Yeah, does anyone know how I can get big like John Goodman?

With all this talk of Fight Club, Pitt, and Norton, how about thinking of what Norton did to get how he looked in American History X? I read some where he put on 30lbs in two months. Sounds like he got a good dose of Vitamin S.