brad pitt and similar movie stars

Bruce Lee did squat…90 lbs for sets of 10. He was in the 99 percentile for upperbody strength at his weight(I believe he did one armed curls with 80 lbs for sets of 8) but either he had a weak lower body or didn’t believe in squatting heavy. Also, I’ve read that he injured his back while doing good mornings and had severe lumbar pain until he died, maybe he didn’t want to agitate his back.

About Bruce Did you know that he had a training log I remember reading a autobiography on him and He weight trained with the best of them. I would not be superised to I he couldn’t squat over 200 is that all greasygeek? If so I would say thats a poor squat on your end 200lbs on a squat rack in peanut weight. Most of my male clients can do that… The only ones that can’t are begginers even some of my female clients can squat around 200 about 175-180.

Bruce master his body to be a lean mean fighting machine…

Charles Staley has a great article at his site (or at least he used to) about Bruce Lee. It sort of de-mystified him a little and even talked about his highly likely steroid use towards the end. Good reading. Check the myodynamics site and see if it’s still up there.

Don’t let his size fool you. Bruce was very strong! He’s one in a million that comes along every so often. He had the best lats I’ve ever seen! Amazing! NOTE! He did not hurt his back while performing the good morning exercise. He hurt his back having intercourse. That’s the truth, but is not brought up to much. His leanness was due to diuretics drugs. He was also very worried about his lack of size (I would be worried too if I had to face Bolo Yeung) so he took steroids to gain some size. From like 135 lbs. to 165 lbs. He was awesome though.

Go to myodynamics and read the article about Bruce Lee. it will change your opinion of him totally.

And towards the end streiod that used might have killed him… Unfotunate if that was the case…

ya Bruce Lee is da man, not only for his physique, acting and skills, but if you combine all those think how the dood inspired us all? we probably as lil doods watched his movies and thought, damn that’s awesome I want to be like that when I grow up. Hey I did… and I still dom tho on the spanish channel, they seem to run a Bruce Lee movie a couple a times a week. Good thing is that they fight much more then they talk so I’m not just sitting there listening to that dog barking yeeehow (no offense to spanish speaking, but that’s how it sounds to me).


Sorry that we don’t all aspire to YOUR version of the “perfect body”, but most of us here are intersted in size and/or strength. I know I don’t spend all this time training to look like a little pussy with a couple of cuts. Please, consider posting at another site. We are “dangerously hardcore” and “muscle with attitude”!. When T-mag changes these to “pussies on the treadmill”, that will be your cue to provide further input. Again, thanks so much for your contribution.

Just think about it - the man died in 1972, and we’re still talking about his training. As for Staley’s article, I’ll read it. But for who I trust on anything about Bruce Lee’s training, it’d have to be Joe Lewis. He trained with Bruce, beginning around late 1967 through 1969. During that time Joe won the World Heavyweight Karate Championship (the days when Karate tournaments were indeed full contact) and in 1969 he won the World Heavyweight Kickboxing Championship. The only martial artist to hold both titles. He is considered the Greatest Karate Fighter of All Time. Yes, he beat Chuck Norris, also. He was meant to play the Chuck Norris part in Return of the Dragon - but wanted to fight instead. He has a website and is a must read for any Bruce Lee fan.
Check it out. His book is also VERY good. While I would recommend Chuck Norris’ book for point fighting. Y’know I wouldn’t want to LOOK like someone (I like how I look, thank you very much) else, however I would love to able to accomplish what someone like Joe or Bruce has.

Ok, I’ve got to weigh in here. I have trained with Dan Inosanto for almost twenty years. Dan is one of the only living instructors of Bruce Lee’s fighting phylosophy, Jeet Kune Do. Dan helped Bruce develop the art. Joe Lewis hung out with Bruce Lee but was not trained by him (no affront to Joe Lewis he was and excellent full contact fighter). Bruce Lee had one thing on his mind and that was to become the ultimate fighter. His skills were astonishing. Inosanto says Lee was 100 times better than him and if you have ever seen Inosanto you would be blown away. Bruce was able to spar with pro boxers and NOT GET HIT. He was a master of timing, distance, range, body mechanics, contact sensitivity, and other elements which enter into being a superior martial artist. He was way ahead of his time training with weights and devices of his own invention. He hurt his back doing heavy good mornings not thru sex! His training was functional not bodybuilding related. He studied everything he could get his hands on from the old Perry Rader training manuals to obscure texts on fencing. His “motto” having no was as way having no limitation as limitation would serve us all well today. The article on Coach Staley’s website is not very accurate.

Getting back to Pitt. I saw him on the Tonight Show awhile back when he was promoting his new movie. He did a comedy sketch where he ended up with his shirt off. He looked just like a normal guy, not cut much at all. So in my opinion he must have peaking at the time he filmed Fight Club.

Also, I think if you are aspiring to have a certain physique, I think Ed Norton’s in American History X is one of the best for not being too big or too small. Try not to get all the tattoos though. lavender/rocky/301/images/br262.jpg Check out the link. Get rid of the space in the link and have a good look at what you wanna look like. Is this what you want to really look like? Thats pretty sad. Alot of people already have this look. Dont even bother reading anything on this site dude. Just do some cardio and you’re done. Im being serious, im not giving you shit… well not really anyway. Go to Mens Health!

I see alot of replies on this board that seem to be a bit misleading(ie. I bet Bruce Lee couldn’t even squat 200 lbs). But then I see people talking about how they wanna look good for the women. And still I never fail to see replies where the guy is braggibg about how much he lifts. I read a comment before( I think it was in Dorian Yates’ book, A warriors Story) that was so obvious it kinda made me laugh, it said, “when a woman sees you and likes your physique, she isn’t concerned about how much you bench, just how good you look.” I am not sure if the reference source is correct, but the statement is definately true. And btw, I always go for max weight, balls to the wall workouts, but if a skinny geek like Pitt is getting laid then it proves the point right?

See my other post to you. This isn’t your personal site, dude. have you read the “testosterone guidelines” below the “please post”. You aren’t an internet bully or anything, but I can turn you off a a button’s push. It’s easy to post stuff when the receiver isn’t here in person–the reason you are so bullish or stubborn. Here’s the guideline you are missing, “Thing is,we don’t want a few ORNERY NUMBSCULLS ruining the forum for EVERYBODY - you know, a handful of HOODLUMS controling the forum, attacking newbies, and running roughshod over anyone who rubbed them the wrong way (???). Well that’s just not going to happen here.” There’s more stuff about you later on. “We don’t care if you are brand new to the muscle building world, or if you are a seasoned vet of the iron game, this forum’s for you.” So let’s dialogue–we both can learn form each other–you from me, and I from you.

You are 155 pounds. If you were to lose 10 pounds you would be pretty small. You would look “good” without a shirt. But with a shirt you would just look like your average joe who is not overweight.

Thank the advice from some of the guys here and go on a mass gaining cycle to increase your lean muscle mass. At least when you get rid of the fat there wull be more muscle underneath and you will look much better.

Its true you are on the wrong site. This site is for guys who are into bodybuilding.The guys here want to look huge,big,strong, and powerful. They don’t want to look like some underwear model.

Quest, what a fucking joke! I’m attempting to post useful information for other lifters, but you verbally attacked me on the BFLers in the Gym board (or whatever it was called), and now you get all pissy like a bitch when I call you on it. That board has been deleted (probably because your comments violated T-mag’s posting rules) but I still have my response. In case you missed it:

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I’m very sorry for suggesting that people have to work out hard for results. My apologies. In the future, when people ask me for training advice, I will say “don’t worry about it. Just show up at the gym once in a while, hang around, and get in an occasional set or two…you’ll get fucking huge and ripped!” LOL!

Seriously, I provide input on this forum and elsewhere for people that are trying to improve. I’m not quite sure why that’s a problem, but that’s the way it is. If you don’t like hard training, perhaps you should go to or, as this is a hardcore forum.