brad pitt and similar movie stars

I am not a queer or anything, but i wanted to know if anyone knew what brad pitt’s workout routine/diet is? I know blah, blah genetics plays a part. But still he has the kind of body that I would like to work my ass off for if i knew what his workout was. Or his personal trainer? I want to be an actor and the kind of body I want to attain is the cut up but not all bulky look. I know it is a long shot to have remarkable transformations but I am willing to work my ass off for the best body that I can get. I am 5-11 155 pounds. Been working out again for a month now. Diet’s been good, working out three times a week. Usually do abs every other day unless still sore than wait until soreness is gone. I can see my four pack under a layer of fat. So if anyone can help me out or refer me to some non bogus websites about how the celebs (particularly B pitt) get in awesome shape( I’m am not getting a personal trainer) that would be super cool. Also my metabolism is fast as hell and I am always hungry from the lack of fat in my diet. Any suggestions. Thanks

Fat won’t hurt you. Lots of carbs will. I think I remember a previous post talking about how Pitt relied on Keto diets most of the time to stay cut. Watch your carbs and take in lots of healthy fats (fish oils, flaxseed oil, salmon, etc.) and protein.

First, do a search using ‘Brad Pitt’, this question surfaces about once a month. This website has quite a few diets for losing bodyfat, look at the 'diet manifesto’article from previous issues.

“… and I am always hungry from the lack of fat in my diet”. You can start by finding out whats wrong in this sentence…

Dogg; (NOT to be mistaken for the Master himself, Nate!:)—!!)I think that an important point that did come out about Pitt (I THINK it was Chris Shugart), is that he got in shape DESPITE of himself. (i.e. chain smoking, poor eating with low cal/catabolic diets, extreme cardio, bangin’ Jennifer, etc.) so he MAY not be a good example.

You may be better served with your goals by following a diet and program in say “Men’s Health” . (I think they have a new book out). They are sorta of geared toward that “model” look.

Searching under “Brad Pitt” will give you a LOT of discussion! As was said earlier…Pitt and “Fight Club” are almost monthly topics on this Forum. Go figure…

For starters doing abs every other day is too often…if you do abs the way charles poliquin recommends then hitting abs once or twice a week is enough…i did abs yesterday and couldnt hardle get out of bed cuz i am so soar…i havent read any of the articles on ab training on here but i am sure you can find some great routines…i hate crunches and majority of people do leg raises wrong…i recommend using a swissball to do crunches and its hard to explain how do leg raises correctly without pics…second everyone has abdominal muscle…you wanna see them? then get ride of bodyfat…doing tons of ab workin in my opinion doesnt achieve that…only diet and cardio(or intense ass training like resting 45 seconds between sets) will get cha ripped…next diet…follow high protein, low carb, moderate unsaturated fat diet…keep workouts an hour or less…good luck

first off, why on earth would any man wanna look like bradd pitt, now i’m talking bodywise here. sure, he was cut up, but comeon, he has no size whatsoever.hes probably a buck 40 if that. thats not what any real weightlifter/bodybuilder should aspire to be. as hardcore weightlifters, we aspire to be freaky looking, having the monster 21 inch arms. now thats something to aspire to. not some little pencil neck geek with a few cuts. give me size and power anyday.

Use this site’s search engine and read through the previous issues and maybe you will be able to figure it out on your own. Personally I think he looks like a wimp.

You come to T-Mag for great insight and articles on training and nutrition - probably the best stuff around and you want to aspire to look like…Brad Pitt!?!

WOW, 5-11 and 155 pounds. That was me at age 16 (I’m 210 now at age 40). You (and I was) are very light. I’d say you need to keep lifting to pack a bit more meat on the bones to have something to look at besides those ribs, pack in the protein and modest amounts of fat, but take care not to overdo the starchy carbs (breads, mashed potatoes, cereal, sweets). The exception is right after a workout, get loads of protein and chase it with something sweet (if you have cravings) for insulin. Avoiding all fat is a myth and counterproductive. You’ll get there. Looking good has just as much to do with how you eat as with how you exercise. Now that you’ve been working out for a month, doing the same thing 3x a week will limit your growth. As a first course of action, try splitting up your body to upper and lower and alternate while keeping your 3x a week sked. Then you can spend the same amount of time each workout on fewer body parts, hit them harder, and give them more recovery time. I know it’s irresistable to want to work out more and more, but you have to have rest and fuel to grow. Good luck.

Not trying to be an AH but read his post - he wants to look like Pitt because he’s aspiring to be an actor. And besides, not everybody can have 21 inch guns due to genitic limitations.

Brad Pitt’s physique is not bad, he needs more size. I bet he’s only 165. How about a body like Mark Walberg? That’s a little better. The best would be a Jean Claude Van Damme or Steve Reeves physique. Not when Reeves was competing, but the body he had when he made all of those wonderful movies. He was 190 rock hard lbs.

The best actor physique goes to the late BRUCE LEE!!!

Bruce Lee? I would not ever want to look like him. No offense to the martial arts legend, but I’d be suprised if he could squat more than 200.

Brad Pitt looks pretty good to me!!! But then I’m a woman and what the hell do I know about anything?! Hehe. Anyways–Rob is right about the abs. If you want to see them you have to lose the fat. You can have great abs, but if you have a gut, they will be hiding under it. Most people don’t realize that and do thousands of crunches, but don’t diet or do cardio (which is what will lose the fat).

Thanks for all the insight guys, and not just ripping me apart for my question. I will work my ass off and get the best body that I can

Just watch Ocean’s Eleven and write down what he eats and emulate that. Oh yeah, and chain-smoke and bone Jennifer Anniston. Damn, that sound pretty good really.

The so-called “hardcore” muscle bunch continually never cease to amaze me–I am one who is after the “big picture” of the total fitness equation. I am also not assuming what is posted on these boards is the general representation of what “hardcore” is. Is it freaky mass (fake gains with $$$$ per month of supplements or needles?). Is is so massive that they must walk like a toddler with a diaperful in their pants? Is it when other peoples workout successes are “just genetic” while your gains are the result of your hard work, and perfect exercise plan? Is “hardcore” bragging about “how much can you bench or squat” while your fat apron hangs over the overly tight weight belt? So what is hardcore–only the way you do things, I suppose? When I pump iron, I workout, give it all, socialize and gaze elsewhere, and get out. I help and spot when asked, but generally, all the sticklegged guys with well built upper bods get asked to spot before me.

Bruce Lee could do one-arm pushups using just his forefinger and thumb. Could you guys do that? I think not. He also demonstrated the “one inch” punch - where he would be practically standing nose to nose from a man bigger than he and would punch (the punch would travel no more than one inch) this man and send him backwards,practically a feet away. Bruce Lee would also punch a heavy bag so hard, there would be a sizeable lump in the bag - and these were indeed heavy bags. So before you could say that Bruce Lee couldn’t even squat 200lbs - know of who you are talking about. I do not doubt that he could squat that and more with ease - the man was powerful for his “size”. He was way ahead of his time in terms of training for the martial arts and combat arts. He believed in being a well rounded athlete - a complete athlete. Maybe it’s a suggestion most of you self-annointed he-men should heed. Bruce Lee was a incredible athlete - a thinking athlete. And from I read on these forums, something that is hard to find these days.

Bruce Lee was actually very strong and did a good bit of weight lifting for his time…he studied it alot…he is ripped no doubt but not big i am sure we agree on that…but what i dont agree with is your quote of him not being able to do 200 lb squat…size doesnt always corelate with strength…i have a friend whos 160 and benchs 315 1rm thats damn good…i thought someone that reads this forum would have more sense than that last quote of yours…think before you speak…thanks