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Brad Pilon's Eat Stop Eat


Just got the combo package of audio segments, e-book, and special reports.

Very informative stuff.

Anyone else get it? Experiences?

I admit I cannot do RFL anymore as it drives me nuts and doesn't suit my lifestyle (even if it's for 2 to 6 weeks). Plus I really wanted to experiment with IF and possibly get the health benefits from fasting here and there.

I'm 19 hours into my first 24 hour fast. However, insetead of feeling like a hyper-vigilant, mean, and lean warrior, I feel like a confused, disoriented, flat footed wimp.


No experience with this program, but I've been messing with a little IF experiment. I've been hitting the gym first thing in the AM, about 45 minutes after waking up. I sip a whey/creatine/leucine shake during my workout and eat my first solid meal about 30 minutes after I get home, so, 45min PWO? So far I really like it. I have plenty of energy for my workout and I sweat like a hog for some reason. Lifts are all going up. I'm eating at a small surplus otherwise and muscle gain has been good with minimal fat, maybe even a little fat loss...hard to tell yet, but so far so good.


When is your last meal BEFORE the gym? Dinner or snack night before? Lunch day before?


Last meal before the gym is a small protein and fat meal before bed. Usually a pork product and a couple eggs or salmon and broccoli, something like that.

I live like a 15 minute walk from school (including the gym), so once I start eating I pretty much eat all day. I find that my appetite later in the day is better if I push back that first meal. If I eat breakfast first thing I'm likely to not have anything but a shake until late in the afternoon. Easier to get good calories in this way.

Without giving away the super secret patent pending details, how does ESE work?


Lean gains 16 hours fast/ 8 hours eat makes more sense to me as something more easy (in principle) to live with


Im doing it right now. It's a really effective way to do recomp if you set it up properly. I fast twice a week and sip BCAA's during the fast and eat a bulking diet the other five days. Pretty much just like the MAG-10 pulse fast without the MAG-10 lol.


I haven't read eat stop eat, but I've been doing IF for a couple months. Also, I do a full day of fasting every Sunday. I make sure to get my final meal in before midnight on Saturday and don't eat for 36 hours until noon on Monday when I go right back into my 8/16 IF for the week.

I was also very surprised how nice it feels to empty out your gut for a day. I always feel great on Sundays, which is not at all what I was expecting the first time I tried it. However, I way overeat on Saturdays.


Agree. 16/8 is very easy to stick with. I do a small (~600 cal) meat/fruit/veggies meal about an hour before I lift (around noon usually) with a big (~1500 calories) postworkout meal afterward that is heavy on starchy carbs. Then a medium-sized (~900 calories) meat and veggies meal at around 8pm.

I find that I am very alert and highly functioning mentally around 8-12am, which is hours 12-16 of the fast. This matches what Martin has talked about. It is great because I do a lot of work from home, so I wake up, shower and get right to work and basically get everything done in the morning. When I was doing the conventional "big breakfast," I definitely was not as sharp afterward for the next couple hours. The small pre-training meal gives me energy to train and then I big out afterward and am pretty useless for the next couple of hours. It's pretty awesome.


Yesterday, I did an experiment with more of a 24-hour fast. I stopped eating at 8pm Saturday night (which is normal for me with the 16/8 protocol), and by around 4pm on Sunday (20 hours) I was feeling crappy. I think hours 12-16 are the "peak function" hours, but if you start to go beyond that (especially if you are active) things start to drop off.




I've also felt like 'confused, disoriented, flat footed wimp' the first few times I fasted; then I felt like the warrior after I got used to the clear feeling, now I just assume it 'normal'.

For disclosure, I have only fasted for a full 24 hours about 5 times. I like my workout nutrition too much to fast during a workout so I take advantage of 16/8 fasting more often than not so I can eat a meal prior to the gym and have something during.

As for my experiences with it, my favorite part of fasting in this manner is the complete elimination of hunger. I cannot remember the last time I had a craving as intense as I used to have when I ate all the time, my stomach has also shrunk since I started. I used to be able to eat like a demon, now I am relatively normal.

Physique wise, same results if not a bit leaner. Probably a bit smaller muscular wise due to fasting so much, but I could care less due to the lack of body fat and well being.


(Disclaimer: NO sarcasm here!)

Is that really the sort of fast we speak of here, the kind being used for IF (eg, 16 to 36 hours, and in some cases, more). When you say bed time, I assume you're eating one or two hours before bed. But then again, I have no idea how long you sleep or how long you wait until you start lifting in the morning and eating after the workout (can't scroll back as I type this).


Did you ever think that it's because you reverted to a more natural state? Perhaps you ARE a confused, disoriented flat footed wimp...

You're a douche bag, don't blame the diet.


To tell you the truth, ESE is so simple that if I explain it without details, then I'm giving it away. Much of the information he provides in audio and written format is scientific and logical reasoning. The book is great! However, at this point, I don't care much for 50 to 100 page ebooks and several hours of that sort of content to sift through before getting to the plan. But I understand this is the nature of internet marketing, and you can't charge appropriately for a 10 page ebook. Ebooks usually are a minimum of 50 pages. Otherwise custies feel ripped off.

You basically fast twice per week and there are no details given on what type of diet you should follow (eg, low carb, high carb, nutrient timing) and he's NOT so into PWO at all--and at this point, neither am I, considering I live a 5 minute jog from my gym (would be 3 minutes if not for a traffic light).

I made the OP at the 19 hour. I started to feel better by the 21st hour. I thought that I was going to pig out by the time dinner came, but I really had no desire to eat much more than I usually do. I was very surprised by that. All I had was a huge salad with some chick peas and blue cheese dressing, a few lean meatballs (no pasta) and that was it. I had no desire for my late night snack later on. I felt VERY good at night and really had no desire to go to sleep at my normal bed time (not sleeplessness, but lack of desire to sleep).

When I used to eat much more frequently (6 meals and PWO shakes) and bigger (up to 5,000 calories on some days) I could never understand why hunger was an almost constant feeling, even after eating a relatively large meal. I used to ask myself, "How the heck do these people survive on 2 or 3 meals? I'd be destroyed." Well, now I'm understanding why: you can train the body to become hungry on schedule. Right now I'm in the process of training my body back to 3 or 4 meals per day while still not over eating and maintaining or losing weight (~2,700 - 3,000 kcals per day).




Kind of like what I'm doing but I don't have interest in bulking.


My total fasted time (not counting the whey shake) is generally 11-12 hours. I've done a fair amount of reading on IF and my impression is that you really are just trying to extend a phenomenon that occurs during sleep regardless of whether or not you eat first thing in the AM. By pushing back my eating until my workout I am extending that fasted state and the metabolic goodies that go along with it. Have you ever read any of the warrior's diet stuff?

My take is that waiting to eat until after intense physical exertion is really the key along with extending that sleeping fasted state. No, it's not a 16 hour fast, but a fasted state is a fasted state regardless of when exactly during the day you break it.


This is kind of related, I have inadvertently been doing 12-16 hour fasts everyday for the past 2 months. I'll go 12 hours+ from my last meal the night before and when i eat again the next afternoon. I then eat a huge meal a couple hours before (then a sweet snack right before) i lift then a huge meal right after, then the process starts over. These huge meals usually hit 1200-1500 calories.

I have been gaining weight without much, if any fat gain. Just a thought to put out there.


Why do you have a fat guy in your avitar then? j/k

This is pretty much what I do. I basically just skip breakfast and eat a light lunch at around 12:00 or so then kill dinner and second dinner. Seems to work fine. Now if I could just get my ass to work out consistantly. we'd be onto something.



Indeed, quit slacking Vegita.