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Brad Gillingham's 5x5 SQ Program


Has anyone tried this program? If so, what kind of increase did you see in your squat and deadlift?


Deadlift +20kg/44lb

Squat +nothing, but that's because I think the numbers are a bit too low.


That's a pretty impressive gain! What was your DL when you started?

% on squats do seem low. I was thinking of maybe adding some moderately heavy singles after the 5 sets.


It was quite some time ago, deadlift went from 190kg to 210kg.

Another option on the squat it to maybe pick a goal that you'd like and use that as your "max". Obviously you wouldn't go TOO mad. Maybe 10-20lb over your current max, but if you work hard on the cycle you should probably squat even more come test day.


I might try this. Thanks for the info!