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Brachioradialis Tendonitis

My doctor recently told me that I have tendonitis in the brachioradialis muscle. It is nothing too bad but I still can’t do a lot of lifts effectively. Movements like barbell rows, pull-ups, chins hurt.

Any advice on getting through it? The doc said to take a week or two off.



Boy, Gary, I just had a ton of body work done to correct muscular imbalances. I had a pretty bad case of Tennis Elbow (lateral epicondylitis). It had nerve and tendon components, both. You might want to check out the thread I started, “ART Case Study.”

As far as supplements go, I’d recommend that you pick up your intake of glucosamine HCl, MSM and Vitamin C. They’ll help with the repair and healing of the tendon.

Give it a break as the doctor said, but see if you can get some ART to fix the underlying problem. Otherwise you’ll find it flares up from time to time.

Tendons aren’t very well vascularized, so healing takes longer. If you do end up aggravating it in a workout, take an ice cube and work the area when you get home from the gym.

Also and finally, check out “Eccentric Exercise, A Solution to Tendonitis” by Peter Blanchonette in the article archives.

Good luck to you!

I would suggest getting ART treatment to treat your injury. If you do not treat the injury effectively you will not actually fix the problem but only take the heat off of it and the pain will come back.
Good Luck,

Any recommendations for which ART practioner to see? Last year, I had sprained my wrist doing Clean and Jerks. I saw a doctor for about a couple of months. I saw some improvement and but not a whole lot.

Anyway, I am in Atlanta.


ART is a tremendous way to heal injuries and do it quickly. In Atlanta, Dr. Jodi Gonteski is very good. Good Luck and enjoy treatment.