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Brachialis Pain

I have no doubt that I have a brachialis issue going on. It hurts to do any curling/pulling exercise with a pronated grip. Neutral grip hurts a bit and a supinated grip doesn’t hurt at all. Thats why I can’t do pullups but I can do chinups. I don’t know how to go about improving it. Should I stop ALL pulling, or just do supinated pulls? Deep tissue massage/NSAIDs/ART?

I uploaded a pic with the painful areas circled. The black circle is where most of the pain is and the green circle is where the pain becomes more mild, but still very uncomfortable.

Bumpity bump bump?

i had an issue with this once after straining my brachialias falling from a tree. basically i gave myself 1 weeks off from pulling movements, then incorporated back and pulling work that didnt involve elbow flexion for 2 weeks, and during that 3 week period i did tons of ice, compression, heat, self massage and foam rolling, and did 50-100 consecutive curls a day with light weights 5-10 lbs, just to flush the area with blood. after a while the pain died down and i started to work elbow flexion and heavier loads back into the mix.

just my 2 cents

The brachialis is the main flexor of the elbow, and gives some 50-70% of total flexion strength…

So if your poundages are not affected with a supinated grip… maybe there’s something more to it?