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To all who’ve had or have them, do they affect your eating habits any? Is it hard to clean your teeth? etc. Might be getting some to correct my cracking jaw… this sucks

Yes and yes. Good luck. The results are worth the trouble.

The only way they can effect yourf eating habits is around the time that the orthodontist adjusts them tighter making it too painful to chew some things. With regard to cleaning your teeth you just have to clean them better because food can get stuck in them. Don’t worry after a couple of weeks you forget you even have them.

shit… i hated them, boy i hated them.

they scratch up the inside of your mouth, they can cause cankersores, they definitely don’t help with the chicas, and eating food is a bitch.


the results are so worth it. the year and a half of pain was worth it.

man i hate being a stereotypical asian with crooked teeth.

at least i don’t have to shave everyday.


You’re all missing the point, which I’m about to get a little excited about…

I’ll preface my comments by restating my profession for those who’ve been asleep, or who think my screen name is because I’m funny (which I am, at times). I’m an orthodontist, just finishing my specialty off. I am also a specialist in dealing with the jaw joints and orofacial pain syndromes.

CURIOUS said that he/she is getting braces to fix a “cracking jaw”.

I’ll say this once or twice: DO NOT GET BRACES TO FIX A CRACKING JAW !!!

I don’t know who’s feeding you this shit. Either a dentist or an orthodontist obviously. Either way, it’s absolutely incorrect. There is zero scientific proof that your problem can be corrected with braces. There is also no way to correct it with surgery. You have a chronically dislocating disc on one or both sides of the temporomandibular joint, and changing the way your teeth line up won’t fix it. It is generally “unfixable”. Cases that show improvement are “anecdotal” as well as coincidental, meaning that the problem would have gone away with doing nothing, as well as with putting up with the pain of braces for two-three years.

Your problem may be complex, and I certainly can’t diagnose you without seeing you in person. But I can tell you that you’d be better off with ZERO treatment than what you are apparently prepared to do. Run away! Do not get sucked in…

Please PM me if you have any further questions.

AAARGH! Another case in point (as I told you all last week) of a dentist or orthodontist selling snake oil to make a fast buck. Mother fucking assholes making the whole profession look bad.
Yes, we can make your teeth straight, and we can fix jaws that are too far forward or back in some cases with or without surgery. But we can’t fix the fucking joint.

Again, PM me. Anyone at all who has questions.

best regards

I was wondering when the expert was going to come into this thread…

Can’t a cracking jaw be helped some times by ART or something like that?

I was gonna say that my dad had that when I was really really young, and they had to do surgery. Bone realignment surgery. He had to drink out of a straw for 6 weeks. Not cool.

Antiliberal, I know you’re joking so I won’t come down there and beat on you with a moist cat.

I pity da fool who gets ART.

Jwright: If we do surgery now, the teeth are wired for no more than a week, but it’s still rough on the patient. Your dad must have had a tough time. Hope he’s doing better.


Can’t get a joke past the good doctor for anything can we…lol

That reminds me. Time to go schedule an appointment to see how hard your fellow teeth fixers want to soak my wallet.

Why couldn’t they just stay straight dangit. (rhetorical of course)