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Does anybody else out there have braces on thier teeth. I recently had them put on. So far it is a bitch to eat most solid food especially meat. Anybody have similar problems? Living off of liquids and MRP’s? This is no problem for me to do that, but what about the cravings?

I’ve had braces for four years and I’ve had not problems eating meats. You might want to make sure your meats are tender. What sucked the most was getting my braces tightened every month. I was a bad kid when I wore my braces. I used to always eat hard candy and break something. I barely wore my rubber bands also. Then there was a time when my orthodontist had to attach the huge springs in my mouth tha connected both my upper and lower teeth. I was restricted to open my mouth all the way up, so I had a really hard time yawning. Yeah, I had these springs in for about 6 months. Then when the Doc took them out, it hurt like hell when I fully opened my mouth because it was not used to it for a long time. I experienced true nirvana when it was time to take them out. No more of that metal shit in my mouth, ever! I was always feeling my teeth with my lips, and showing off to everyone “Look, no braces!” My orthodontist made me wear a retainer, but I didn’t. There was no way in hell I was going to put anything in my mouth. Of course, by teeth did shift a little, but it was not by much. They still look pretty good.

You’ll get used to it.

I have braces, and don’t have any problems eating anything except corn on the cob. Meat has never given me any trouble, neither has gum, hard candy, or anything else.

I had them for 2 years. Patman is right you will get used to it.