Brace Yourselves

Ah the holidays! Full of Christmas cheer, food wine etc., but we all know what comes next. New Year’s! Apart from filling up our gyms (don’t worry, they’ll only use the weight machines and the cardio), many newbies will probably stumble upon this site in the new year. Most them will be looking for a quick fix and will be too lazy to actually read any of the training/nutrition info on this site for themselves. We will be besieged with those looking for someone to do it all for them. We will get those who will want someone to draw up a complete program for them. There will those who want us to tell them exactly what to eat. There will be those that don’t really want to diet or exercise, but will want recommendations on the latest fatburners to help them burn fat while they sleep or some such nonsense. The steroid forum will be full of 16 year old guys who want to be Hyoooooge, so can we please recommend a short, cheap oral only cycle that will put on 50 lbs in a month… oh yeah, but they only like to work chest and biceps… I could go on forever!

In amongst the lost souls will be a select few who will take the time to read the site, do their research and seek advice. They will set goals, work hard and hopefully see results. Along the way they will probably ask some stupid questions. Regulars, who by this point are sick of all the new people asking stupid questions, will give them curt, sarcastic or even insulting answers. Some of these people will stick with it anyway, but some will be discouraged.

I just think we should all take this time to remeber when we first started training. The stupid mistakes we made. The dumb questions we asked. I for one plan to force myself to give constructive, helpfull advice when I can and try to bite my tongue on the sarcastic remarks. Hopefully, if most of us do the same we can keep these people from getting the wrong advice and becoming the people in the gym that get made fun of on this forum.

Happy Holidays!

Well, I workout at home.

Damn it, I braced myself for nothing.