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Brace/Sleeve for Scapular Dyskinesis (Winged Scapula)?

I love weightlifting but I have winged scapula since child (Scapular Dyskinesis) Is there something​ that I can use like a brace or sleeve that keep my shoulders in place when I do my workout? Your advice will be very helpful to me. Thanks

it would make much more sense to strengthen your upper back and serratus anterior

Yogi is right.

Suffer from this myself. After trying to correct the issue for numerous years, I have managed to minimise the winging. I have achieved this through various corrective exercises and learning to retract and depress my scapula.

Try to get your hands on a copy of NASMs Corrective Exercise book. Failing that just follow their corrective exercise continuum:

Inhibit- Pecs
Lengthen- Pecs
Activate- Mid/lower Traps and Rhomboids

Hope this helps, ask anymore questions if needed.