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OK, OK, I didn’t know that NITRIX was that bad. My buddy has been on it and says its great stuff," frickin liar"!
Anyway, he did get some BPX about two months ago and I thought it was pretty good. Has anyone found something better than BPX for muscle pump and recovery? Thanks.

I found something awesome for recovery!


is this another freaken no2 question?

Why don’t you tell us what BPX contains? That would be helpful.

And for recovery, think Surge for post-workout. Nothing has made a bigger difference for me for recovery than Surge.

Hey Davo,
Thanks, I’ll try that. BPX contains the following: 50mg Androstane-3 17-dlone 1, 4- Andiostadiene-3 17-dione 50mg. Its distibuted by Nutra Coastal out of New York. Whats the best stuff that has worked for you? I’m 6’1" and 226, 35" waist and I just now got to a 17" arm without a pump.Im trying to get close to 210 pounds and increase arm size.

If all you want is a muscle pump then thats all your gonna get from NOX3. I use it right now, very inexpensive but all you get is the pump.

If you want to use an “andro” the only one I’d recommend is Mag-10. Click on the superstore button on this page or read these