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BPH (Prostate Issues) When Starting TRT

I could use some help / information from others who had this issue. I am 43 years old and one week into TRT for my 20% Total Test and 3% Free Test Levels. My Estrogen levels were good (20 on a 7.6 - 42.6 range). The Good news is although it is only week I feel significantly better. My energy levels have increased beyond what I would think could possibly be a placebo effect.

I am taking 100mg of Test Cyp. a week. I did some front loading in week one (which may have been a bad idea, but I had read the Dr. C and others often front load in the first week) to get my levels up quicker. I took 100mg on Monday, 70mg on Wed and 30mg on Friday. I will now take 30mg EOD going forward along with 250IU HCG 2x a week.

I have had some BPH issues in the past (fairly minor) and have also had my prostate checked (Healthy but slightly enlarged) and my PSA has been stable at .7 for the past year. I have had a significant flair up this week and it is becoming an issue where I am uncomfortable most of the day and night is a real problem where I need to take 2 Advil to stop feeling like I need to pee every few minutes.

I really do not want to stop the TRT. I have heard that BPH issues are a side that some people get and it goes away as levels stabilize. I could really use any information on experience people have had with this issue. Unfortunately I do not know what my DHT numbers were prior to TRT although I should get them this week and I will probably wait another couple of weeks before taking another blood test.

One option I am considering that I think will be highly unpopular on this forum is taking Finasteride (1mg) to reduce the BPH as my test levels are ramping up. I have read all the issues with this drug and I realize it has F***Ked up many people. But I used it successfully for 7 years and stopped taking it 3.5 years ago when we were having my daughter because of less semen coming out.

My guess is for me it was fine for all the years when my natural levels were high but as I aged and my natural levels went down I started to experience minor sides. My hope would be this stops my BPH issue and I would not have sides with a high normal T level like I used to be. If not I would just stop taking it again. The last time I stopped it took 3 weeks for the minor sides to go away.

I do not feel like I have any E2 issues yet and I am not on an AI, but when I get my blood test I will know if that could be part of the problem. I would appreciate you sharing your experience or any suggestions. Please take it easy on the Finastride question - I do get that this may not be a good idea.

You might also do OK on a partial dose to get modulation instead of elimination.

lef.org makes a good natural product that you should be using, or a product with similar composition.

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