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BPH, Proscar, and DHT Compounds


I just came off of 500mg Primo/wk, 50mg Winstrol/day, and 500mg Cypionate/wk, which I ran for 12 weeks. (this was great mixed with Berardi's get shredded diet)

For the last three weeks I have some symptoms of BPH or prostatitis, esp having to get up in the night 3-4 times and piss like Secretariat, especially this constant feeling of having to pee like a racehorse.

So, yesterday I went and had an exam from the doc, and he said that the prostate is definitely swollen. He also ordered a PSA and prescribed Finasteride 5mg/day.

My questions are: has anyone ever had similar experiences? and when taking Proscar, how long does it take to shrink the prostate? Would you recommend taking Proscar when running DHT heavy cycles?


Finasteride won't do anything to help your prostate when it comes to DHT derivatives like winny. Finasteride only blocks conversion of test and some of its derivs to DHT.


You ran a hell of alot of DHT derivatives for a long time. The H in BPH stands for hyperplasia. Your prostate didn't expand because its cells bloated and can be shrunk back down again- it actually grew additional cells, as it will continue to all your life as you age. You just sped up the process.

Drugs have only been shown to reduce size in a limited amount of patients, surgical procedures often end up being neccissary as men with BPH age. I'd also be real curious to see a before and after picture of your scalp from that cycle. DHT is not your friend, for anyone else who may be considering doing this.


At 5mg proscar is very effective at shrinking the prostate & regrowing hair.
It can have side effects like lessened sex drive but some don't notice that. You may notice it even worse as you're coming off cyp


Thanks for the relpies.

Thats a critcal difference then between hypertrophy and hyperplasia. The scary part actually.

I will likely run a low dose of cyp when I am on the Finasteride. Either that or start PCT, and if I do have some bad sexual sides, there is always stuff like caberoline or bromocryptine.

I would have been wise to try a PSA before that cycle and then sometime after to compare. As for my hairline, that's the one thing that never scared me much about the DHT's, I lost it years ago.


Were you taking any OTC supps? I am finishing up a Test/Tren/Mast cycle that had a Primo/Test kick off and started on a OTC prostate supp 6 weeks before...so far no issues. By the way bald is beautiful I like not having hair to have to fuck with...good luck w/ Proscar.


Actually, this is another thing that I found out is bad -- I took Benadryl off and on too at the same time.