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BPC157 Subcutaneous Dosing

What would be a standard dose of bpc157 for relatively severe joint/tendon injuries(from a reconstituted 5g bottle), also I am new to injections, I understand how to do a subcutaneous injection but is there any tips and tricks a newbie should know before poking himself(I have 29 gauge 1/2 inch .3mL needles).

I used my supplier’s website to determine my dose. However, I also used google to see what they said. They were the same.
Here is a copy and paste from google since sources are not allowed here.

[The majority of the research suggests a daily dose in the range between 1-10 mcg per kilogram of body weight to be most effective. For the average man, the dose runs between 200 mcg and 800 mcg. Some users of BPC - 157 have claimed greater success by splitting the dose into twice per day./]

Your 29 gauge 1/2 inch .3mL syringes is usable. I use a 31g easy touch 1cc. You will be just going under the skin as close to the area of injury.

You should use a peptide calculator to mix your peptide for the volume you want. This is the one I use.

Here is how I mix my 5mg bottles. I dose 500mcg

thanks a ton for the info, it is super helpful!!

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this is going to sound like a stupid question, but to fix my knee I want to overload it with bpc and tb500 a mL each to have the maximum dose i can get in my syringes, is 1mL or 2mL too much for a subcutaneous injection? i don’t have any experience so I was wondering if it just sits in there or sprays out or what if it is too much, obviously I will massage it in as best I can. Also is there a point of diminishing returns with bpc and tb? is there a maximum useful dose?

IMO, a massive dose will not give you the results you seek. It takes time to heal.
You need daily injections of the max dose recommended. You can stab yourself in several locations around your knee it is a huge joint. I would not go over 1000mcg per 24 hours.

Do you understand how BPC 157 works?

yeah for the most part, the past two days ive injected 750mcg of tb500 and 750mcg of bpc157 each knee. elaboration on how bpc157 works would be helpful because all I know is extremely top level.