BPC-157 vs Tendinosis Log

NOTE: I am the original author of this log, i copy pasted it from another forum.

Hey guys, right away i have to apologize for bad grammar.
English is my second language.

This will be a dedicated log for a pure 4 week cycle of bpc 157 for tendinosis.
I will be injecting 250 mcg daily using a 29g insuline syringe. IM within .25 inch of tendon insertion in the elbow and as close as i can into the patella tendons insertion.

---------------------------------------------------------------CASE STUDY

Reason nr.1 :

  • Severe tendinosis of the forearm extensor tendon more commonly referred to as the tennis elbow that began in the mid summer of 2014.


  • In the most severe phase it was really painfull and difficult to straighten out the arm after prolong perionds of it being in flexed position.
  • 10/10 pain when picking up light objects with extended arm.

Other treatments :

  • Flexbar eccentric loading would aggravate symptoms, even tho i have taken months off of weightlifting before trying it. Made multiple attempts.
  • Prolotherapy treatment to both the lateral and medial side of the same elbow.

About 50 injections of dextrose substance per treatment x 3 treatments. Cant have a conclusive opinion on this one.

First treatment has partially diminished the sharp pain while in full extension.

Second treatment caused me a lot more pain then the initial tendinosis. After this treatment it is when i reached the highest amount of pain in the tendon insertion area. Pain resembled a bad toothache. My physician claims that it was due to nerve irritation from the injections.

Third treatment didn’t relieve my symptoms either. At this point in the therapy i have a large amount of scar tissue build up on the tendon, to the point of it being visible in the thickness of the tendon compared to the other elbow.

-Self cross friction massage. I have tried this before prolotherapy and it wouldnt help a jack. Second time i have started with it was about two to three weeks ago with significant improvement but the elbow could be still easily irritated.

Reason nr.2 :

  • Tendinosis of the patella or patellar tendonitis.


  • Bad enough to have ma avoid leg press, hack squats and lunges. Instead i am doing medium bar squats to just below parallel which don’t seem to irritate the symptoms.

Other treatments :

  • Eccentric loading once a day in a 3x15 . Immediate relief of symptoms post exercise. Doesn’t seem to have a long term effect.

  • Cross friction massage. Slight relief.


I have stopped doing eccentric loading of the knee and will reintroduce after the first week of injections. I will also start doing eccentric loading of the extensor muscles using flex bar after the first week of injections.


Today is 6/9/2015 and i will be reintroducing eccentric loading to both the right knee and right elbow.
My elbow has been improving steadily for the past two weeks. The improvement began about a week prior to using bpc 157 when i started to do self cross friction massage.
Tooth ache pain that previously resulted when probing the extensor tendon with my fingers is now completely gone.

At first i was injecting IM over the top of the tendon. Now that i feel like i have more experience i have started to inject right in to the tendon. Paradoxically this doesn’t produce much more pain then the previous method. This makes me suspicious of the quality of colagen in the structure of the tendon.

Patellar tendinosis fails to show any signs of improvement. On saturday 06/06/2015 i have went to a wedding where i have enjoyed myself dancing for hours. On the next day my knee was definitely inflamed. I have squated on 06/08/2015 monday 3x10 and today on tuesday my knee feels a lot better compared to the day after the wedding.

---------------------------Worth Mentioning-------------

While previously researching prolotherapy i have encountered many articles bringing up the trauma effect on tendon from direct injections with needles.

“Dry needling is a procedure used to treat tendinopathy more commonly known as tendonitis. It involves repeatedly placing a fine needle (about the size of an acupuncture needle) in to the abnormal tendon.”

According to some physicians cortisone shots have been shown to help with tendonitis in the same way that prolotherapy does but without the added effect of irritation solution which further provokes an inflammation response in treated area thus creating an increased healing effect in the tendon.
Of course it is also widely known that cortisone shots have a negative long term effects on the health of the tendon compared to prolotherapy.

This brings me to my next point. Even if bpc 157 doesn’t show any effects injected subq or IM it should still provide at least Miniscule effects injected straight into the tendon just due to the trauma effect to the tendon.



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I may have missed this somewhere, but have you received medical attention from a physician for this issue? I have read mixed results of BPC 57, so I am curious of how your results will pan out.

I could write a two page essay about the Physicians, Pts and Chiropractors i have seen for my lateral epicondylitis and wouldn’t be able to write a single good word about my experience with them.

Today i am starting vial nr.3

It is too early to comment on the effects of the compound. It is definitely not some miracle product that is going to heal months of tendon overuse in a 20 day period.

The elbow is slightly better. Tooth ache pain on the end of the insertion is back when cross friction massaging. The pain from applying pressure to tip of the fingers with fully extended arm and fingers is definitely reduced. Attempted eccentric loading but it irritates the hell out of the tendon. I have the green flex bar (medium resistance) which in my opinion is too much resistance to start with. Might be getting the low resistance red flex bar and try that instead.

The knee is showing some signs of improvement but still far from being 100%. I have been doing eccentric loading for the knee and also have increased the volume to 3x20 since 06/15/2015. Planing to further increase volume or frequency to twice a day.
Also performing cross friction massage on the patellar tendon.

------------------------------------------------LOG #3


Since my previous post a lot have changed. I have decided to completely take time off from the gym. Not that i was doing much in there anyway.

I have noticed some significant improvements during that week with the patellar tendinosis but i don’t want to jump into conclusions.
Eccentric loading is now almost pain free. I am pain free while sleeping, something that would previously wake me up at night. I am pretty sure it has a lot to do with taking the week off but more then likely also with increased volume for eccentric loading and cross friction massage.
The tendon is still pretty fragile and i am sure it would still get easily irritated with certain activities.

lateral epicondylitis is the main reason why i jumped on this cycle.
Currently i can say that there have been improvements. Weather they are due to cross friction massage and light stretching or BPC 157 i cant say.
I have bought red (light strength) flex bar and gave eccentric loading another try. Today was my first try in a 3x15 manner. I will keep you updated on how it goes.

Today i have reconstituted my last vial #4

---------------------------------------------------------------LOG #4


I just created a post in the injury/rehab forum due to a similar injury. Have you tried or had any success with Elbow Revive? Or any other supplement that has Cissus quadrangularis in it? I’ve read so many great things about cissus’ as far as healing goes, but mostly for bone fractures, not tendonitis/tendonosis.

I have taken two bottles of super cissus from usp labs and it doesn’t do anything for me.
I have also taken anti inflammatory herbs like boswelia and white willow bark.
I have previously take Animal Flex to cure some elbow pain in the past but i am pretty sure it was an inflammatory condition.
My overall opinion about products like Animal Flax and Elbow Revive is that they have a variety of active ingredients and if it so happens that deficiency of any one of them might be the case then you will improve in your condition. They are heavily dosed with anti inflammatory ingredients so they will evidently help with that.

Combined with throughout warm ups and stretches those products might work as a prevention method from getting a problem at hand from occuring in the first place but i strongly doubt that they have any effect on healing of an overused tendon.
In the end i think anything with a good blend of ingredients is worth a try if you are at the end of your rope. I also think that there are many other products with a lot more complex blend of ingredients and with a lot more positive recognition from clients then elbow revive.

I am currently looking into IGF1-LR3, GHRP2/6, PEG MGF for after i am done with BPC-157. I have too many reoccurring injuries and it would take me a year to spot inject heal them all at this pace.

First of all i would like to say that this log was completely unbiased. I want the reader to make their own decision on weather the effects achieved are worth your money and time and weather they are an effect of the BPC-157 peptide.


Hello everyone! its me again doing another log #5 which is also my last entry on bpc 157. I have finished off vial #4 on 06/30/2015.

Pain in both the knee and elbow being treated greatly diminished however
neither is at 100%.

Have been avoiding aggravating activities up till today not including eccentric loading of course.
I have diligently performed eccentric loading for the patellar tendinosis for months now and also reintroduced eccentric loading to the right forearm extensor since the 2nd-3rd week of the therapy.
Not to become a couch potato i have substituted gym for swimming.

Today i went to the gym for the first day in three weeks.
Body weight squats were painless in the treated knee.
10lbs dumbbell curls painless in treated elbow.

As i was progressing with injections for both body parts i have noticed that over time it became increasingly more painful to administer the injections.
I believe that the quality of the injections is very important for maximum possible benefit.
As i was experiencing more pain the quality and depth of my injections decreased to just over the top or barely into the tendon.
When i first started the therapy it was completely painless to inject 1/2 inch into the elbow. It was also easier to inject the knee straight into the tendon.
I am not sure about this finding but maybe its an evidence of decreased scar tissue and increased type 1 collagen.

Still have tenderness in patella tendon when cross friction massage but definitely decreased compared to before the therapy.

I am going to run some blood tests next week and also have a visit at an orthopedic doctor for different issues. It seems like my tendon problem is more systemic then localized. Even tho i have decreased pain in both treated areas another issues popped out that require attention. After i receive my diagnosis i will be looking into IGF-1 LR3 for a more systemic approach for healing of the tendons.

This brings me to my last point. Even tho i cannot 100% say for sure that BPC-157 was the reason that both treated areas are now feeling better after the therapy I can with certainty say that i did not experience any systemic healing effects on untreated areas that are now exhibiting similar symptoms. Those unspecified problems i will leave for another time and for a different log, hopefully of the IGF1 LR3 this time around.

I will update this Log in a couple of weeks to update my condition.


---------------------------------------------------------------LOG #5


Well boys i am glad to report that i have spent the last whole two days fixing my cars V8 engine and despite my elbow feels great. Cant say the same for my knee and back since i had to be in a bent position the whole time leaning over the engine compartment.

Ok so i have been to an Orthopedic and Sports Medicine clinic today for problems unrelated to my log above.

I have suffered with sharp pain in left hip when bringing the foot of the affected side hip towards my face. Doctor diagnosed me with early stage arthritis. He didn’t mention any early stage treatments or therapies. He only told me it will progress over years or decades and there is nothing to do about it. Told me to use Anti Inflammatory drugs prior to aggravating activities.

I have also went there for my snapping triceps in left elbow. He dismissed it saying that the snapping was so small he cant get excited about it and to come back once its bad enough. Probably so that he can put me on the operating table. He also dismissed the snapping to be an early stage tendonitis which is a complete bullshit diagnosis considering i haven’t been using that arm in a strenuous fashion for months.

I am now currently looking into different peptides to treat myself. I was previously talking about IGF and GHRP but after reading through stacks of forums and research papers i have decided to hold off with HGH release stimulating peptides until i am full force stimulating the receptors in muscles in hopes i will be able to prevent organ growth. From what i have read abundant hgh will bind to the tissue with most active receptors which in a sedentary individuals are in organs, prominently in Heart and Intestines.

I think i will settle on the Tb 500 since it seems to have anti inflammatory and repair stimulating properties. I am not so sure about the so called positive effect of tendon stretching from the tb-500 tho. To me it sounds more like a bad side effect if anything. Chronic tendon issues are commonly due to the overstretching of a tendon. For example a person with Si joint hyper mobility, dislocating joints and even tendinosis. Ligamentous laxity - Wikipedia

Then there is the issue of TB 500 and the recently surfaced studies that point to the possibility of the compound spreading cancerous cells through the body. There is also some articles with conflicting evidence but i have yet to read those.

If anyone on here knows of a reliable supplier please let me know. The lab from which i have purchased BPC 157 charges twice as much for TB 500.

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