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Bpc-157 Right After Surgery?

Has anyone here used this amazing peptide? it has a wide range of uses,in my situation im thinking of using it right after a corrective surgery on my big toe,should i inject it close to the toe? and right after i come home from the surgery? This should speed up healing pretty good.

Maybe it will heal some pain i have in forearms also? that is killing my back workouts,think its the extencors that hurt like hell,can hear crunching sounds from this area sometimes.

I haven’t used it yet but I’m ordering some ASAP for my rotator cuff. . . then probably for half a dozen other things if it works. I’d love to hear any results people have had.


I have a vial that I’m anxiously awaiting to try, just need bac water, for my rotator/levator tear injury. It’s been keeping me from any pressing. And heavy pulling. I can still train legs though lol. They have grown 2in since the injury. Lol


Hehe,well just get that bac-water and give it a go,make a thread on it. It is to be injected sub q in the belly like hcg right? regardless of where injuries are located?

Sturat: Order it and make log,i will do the same but have to wait to mid-september to buy it.

Subq yes but close to the injury

where do you suggest i inject,when the purpose is to heal the big toe?

Ankle skin

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Ordered it, used it, RC went from 3/10-8/10 in 10 days. This shit is magic…

Injected twice daily, subQ once anterior shoulder once posterior shoulder.

what is RC? How is your shoulder after using it?

Rotator Cuff. I had partial tears of my subscap and supraspinatus or at least positive tests that indicated both.

It went really well for me the week I was taking it and now about a month later my shoulder is probably 95%. Still a few twinges here and there but over all it’s amazing.

ah,good to hear it helped.

Tremendously. I cannot speak highly enough of this stuff for the price. While it’s not a miracle cure all the effects are definitely worth the expense, which is very tiny.

I was just looking around for any anecdotal evidence that this stuff works (more than is already out there) I have a 5mg bottle ordered for some nagging knee injuries. Meniscus contusion that just wont heal. was going to start conservative and do 250mcg in left knee one day and then right knee the next day. Total of 10 shots each knee.

I do 250mg a day in two doses near the injury, great shit.

Im considering my options here. Should I do 10 days of 1 shot in the each knee. Or spread it out, since it is also systemic, over the 20 days. alternating knees each day. If it helps I will get more and do a more thorough cycle of it. Only have 1 vial for now.

Personally I’d do one shot per knee daily for 10 days. One morning, one evening. But I’ve only used it twice so I’m far from a pro…

Gonna do that. Thanks for the info. Well using it twice is more than my zero times!

OK this one’s for me!

BPC-157 is a truly amazing peptide. I have many anecdotal reports from friends and customers (many of whom are fully-qualified sports therapists themselves, using it on clients) who have used it to heal a diverse range of issues.

BPC stands for ‘body protective compound’ and is secreted naturally by cells in the gastrointestinal tract. Its healing effects are mediated by something called VEGF (vaso-endothelial growth factor) which modulates and controls formation of blood vessels.

The reason BPC is so effective in tendon, skin, ligaments, and gut is because it causes proliferation of blood vessels in poorly-perfused tissues (tendons and ligaments) and reduces inflammation (excessive blood delivery if you like) in the gut and skin.

You can drink BPC - yes you can. It is gastric stable. I have had a couple of very large ‘bubble gut’ bodybuilders reduce the bubble through drinking BPC. It should work very well for crohns, IBS, gluten sensitivity etc.

You can apply BPC topically. I dripped BPC on a friends psoriasis and it healed. I dripped it on scabs and they healed much faster and more completely. A friend dripped BPC on his wifes’ peridontal disease and the holes in her gum cleared up in 3 days.

You can inject BPC directly into a tendon. I ‘prehabbed’ my patella tendons (they were just starting to get a bit painful and stuff) by injecting 2.5mg into each tendon.

You can inject BPC i.m. or subQ close to an injury site to focus it more on that specific area.

The stuff is relatively cheap, but make sure you purchase it from a reputable company with a history. BTW, the chines make some truly excelly peptides. Please expunge the phrase ‘cheap chinese crap’ from your peptide lexicon.

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Oh and whilst I think about it…BPC and tb500 healed my back pain. Something which was unachievable at the hands of ‘spinal experts’ previously.