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BPC-157 Results

As promised, I figured I’d update everyone on my BPC-157 experience.

I was injecting 300mcg into my upper hammy area right below my butt cheek for some high hamstring tendinitis pain, and 300mcg into my left shoulder area for some nagging shoulder pain. I did each shot once a day at night.

Within 10-14 days, my hamstring issue was gone and felt good, around day 19 or 20 I dropped the hamstring injection and started doing the shoulder 300mcg 2x a day instead (keeping with the 600mcg daily total). I also switched up the type of injection when I went to twice a day shoulders. I stopped doing SubQ and started going IM in my delt. My shoulder started feeling better starting week 4, and by the end of week 4 I would say 90% improved. I did a full 4 weeks and then dropped it.

I did not take it easy. I am on a test/var cycle and continued working out exactly as I would have without any nagging pains. So I’m quite pleased with the results.

Disclaimer, this stuff is a risk, tons of fake stuff out there, and I am in no way a professional or giving any advice to take this stuff. Just sharing my experience.

My sleep felt good, no side effects although I did break out. I am on cycle, so probably has to do with that, however my last two cycles I did not get a pimple until PCT. So not positive what caused the acne. Overall quite pleased though.


@JMaier31, hey brother, here are some more positive results from BPC 157. Sounds like @aaronca had some great results.

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Thanks for sharing. I’ve been reading up on sermorelin as well. Someone pointed me in the direction of Defy Medical’s website and that seems to be their go-to product for non-illegal GH treatments. I saw that you were considering it last year but I’m guessing you just went with the straight up GH stuff since that’s what you’ve been doing the past three to four months.

If I were to pull the trigger now, I’d probably buy the sermorelin/GHRP-6 blend. I’m waiting to see how the finances look this week. I have a reimbursement check on the way from work for medical expenses. If I have enough left over after paying for some other stuff then I’ll be ordering something.

Do you think BP-157 is something I should consider as an addition or substitution to my tentative plan?

My number one goal is to be able to move around pain free. But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t hoping for some decreased body fat as well. @jackolee’s results on sermorelin look pretty great. I think it was from January to April. He maintained his weight and leaned out over that time.

Yes, Jack had some really good results from his blend. Check the costs, though. The site I told you about is pretty affordable and you saw my blood levels after injection, pretty good.

Cost looks great to me. I think it’d be about $325 w/ free shipping for the sermorelin/GHRP-6 blend x 5. Taking .5 mg/day would give me 100 days worth which is a good start. It beats the $600 I was looking at for two kits of HGH.

Also, one of those could cost me my job and the other can’t. I was good with the risk but my wife isn’t. Can’t blame her.

What type of pain are you having? BPC next TB500 have excellent injury healing abilities, but to my knowledge don’t help much with the other stuff you’re looking at. In terms of healing damages tendons/ligaments there’s quite a few success stories out there.

I’m approaching four months post-op from biceps tenodesis surgery. The impingement type pain (pinch/stab when I raise my arm past 90*) is still hanging around. According to my PT, it was supposed to disappear around 12-16 weeks post-op. I’m only a little behind, but I’m not used to being behind.

I also had surgery on my hip at the end of 2017 and still deal with some pain from that issue. I’ve been in physical therapy since March for the hip and now the biceps tendon. If something can help move things along faster then I’m definitely interested.

I ran this after my first GH blast. It just wasn’t the same.

I understand this, you are cop, right?

Yeah, probably not…

Yep! Just finished talking with a supervisor about going to see his doctor for my lab work. He gets the Bio-T injections and his test stays over 1000 for up to six months at a time. The doctor is all about getting people in the higher ranges of normal for “optimal” living. I don’t think he prescribes HGH but I’ll need to have lab work done regardless of what I do. Might as well go to someone who knows his stuff.

Hell yeah!! Being up front with your boss is the best way.

BTW, thanks for your service. You guys are in a shitstorm right now with all the ANTIFA bullshit that is going on. But they still call you when they need you, right?? Fucking hypocrites!

Rant over.

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I’ve read quite a few testimonies from guys who had shoulder and biceps surgeries with remarkable healing. Guys have said their doctors were blown away and weeks if not months ahead of schedule.

Now again, that’s just what I’ve come across while reading. I can’t back any of that up.

I truly believe the key is finding quality BPC.

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I also did not take it easy at all during my time on BPC. I’m in decent shape, but I am not the strongest relative to size. I pushed all my lifts heavier each week due to being on cycle, I think that’s what sold me on BPC. Thank he argument that I rested those 4 weeks and maybe the rest helped, is not valid in my situation.

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I just ordered a bottle of BP-157 and BAC water. I was tempted to get the 157-500 mix but figured I’d try this first for tennis elbow / golfers elbow.

Just talked to a gym friend who completely detached his bicep pulling a 700 lb deadlift. He had surgery and rehab but he also ran 157 / 500 mix to help healing. He said it’s done wonders


I wanted to see how I responded to just BPC the first time. In the future, I will probably run both as they’re both supposed to work incredibly well.

From my understanding, dose is way different but he got a blend that was pre mixed.

The place I ordered from had a blend that was 2mg of each compound.


Does this look correct?

  1. Pop the caps off both the BPC-157 and BAC.
  2. Gently alcohol swab the rubber stopper on the BPC-157, then let it dry. Same goes with the BAC vial.
  3. Dose out the correct amount of BAC. In the case of a 30ml bottle of BAC, if you fill three insulin syringes full of water, then very slowly and carefully (peptides are extremely fragile) inject each of those syringes into a 5mg bottle of BPC-157, you are going to nearly completely fill the 5mg bottle of BPC-157.
  4. Once the 5mg bottle of BPC-157 is full, then based on this very handy Peptide Mixing & Dosing Calculator, each time you inject a 1ml/1cc syringe into it and pull that syringe back to the eight tick mark (**not the .8cc mark, but the eight tick mark, which is going to be two ticks before the .1cc mark on the syringe) you are going to have yourself approximately 250mcg of BPC-157.

Not all insulin syringes are the same size.

Do you have 2 mg or 5 mg of peptides in each vial?

5mg. I’ll have to look at which insulin pins I have.