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BPC-157 Log for Injuries Old and New

Read all over about bpc-157 and got info from a trusted previous user so I’m gonna use it. Have some old nagging injuries and some new ones after a long contest prep.
I’ll keep a log here.
I found a higher dose protocol I’m gonna use.
1000mcg a day x 3 days
750mcg x 3 days
Then to 500mcg until I feel it’s worked or not worked.
It’s systemic so I’ll do sub q wherever.

  1. Left distal bicep tendon
    10 year pain in the ass. Makes back training a bitch some days.
  2. Low back
    Same 10 years. Flares up some times (like now)
  3. Shoulders
    Off and on for whole adult life. Worse now after prep
  4. Lower abs strain
    New x 1 week.

Keep you posted. I’m a natural skeptic so I’ll believe it when i see it

Day 3 of 1000mcg
i “think” i feel some improvement. did legs last night and got through some front squats and some ascending and descending leg press sets with no real discomfort.
today was shoulders and tris and had no real pain to speak of

more days to go…

I haven’t used BPC-157, but I would expect it to help with 1 and 3, but not for the muscle strains. I think it is really good for connective tissue, but not for general muscle flair ups. Maybe your issue isn’t muscle flair ups, and something else that it will help with.

Day 6 yesterday. leg day
haven’t done “free weight” squats in years mostly due to the back.
was able to knock off 4 solid sets, followed by 4 sets of hacks.
Tomorrow will be a biceps workout so we’ll see how the elbow is
so far I’m still on the fence

Take 1000mcg daily for a month and then lower it down to 500. Should see plenty of healing month 1. I see no reason why anyone would treat it like ifs harmful and dose it like this. Plenty folks take it for 2-3 months at 1000 a day.

I honesty don’t think you need that much. I took 250/300 daily for 2 months. It repaired a nagging tennis elbow very fast and the lingering pains were gone after month 2. Lingering because I was still lifting while I avoided arms until I knew it was healed.

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I believe It’s good for anti inflammatory

It pairs very well with tb500 as well. It’s one of the few peptide combos that can be reconstituted and stored in the same solution together. I second that 1mg per day is overkill. Would probably be better to go with 250mcg twice per day and pair with tb500 if you can locate.

Op are you injecting or ingesting?

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Sub q

Thanks i haven’t looked into tb500 and will do that now. my wife needs help with her IBS and im going to see if i can add that to the mix.

It’s quite expensive for the typical recommended dosages; especially the first week.

Because of that, it seems like many settle on 300 mcg per day.

I wish it were cheaper, it may be my favorite compound, even compared to testosterone, bpc157, ghrp 2/6.

For your wife, you may want to look at LL-37 or thymosin alpha 1 and probably in that order if you haven’t already before tb500 in my opinion.

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Nice I will look into it. What would be a good starting dose and frequency to start at. I’ll do more research on it.

For which one?

Alpha 1 and the LL37.

May I ask how you came about your knowledge on these two and ibs?

I’m just a guy looking for solutions and answers to problems like you are and have accumulated it along the way. These podcasts are a decent jumping off point. My wife has suffered from ulcerative colitis.

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Thanks brother appreciate your time and guidance