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BPC 157 Injection Sites for Golfer's Elbow and LCL

Let me know if I’m in the wrong forum, but I’m looking for info on injection sites for BPC 157 to address medial epicondylitis and a sore LCL.

I’ve googled a ton and I’ve been on TRT for a few years so I’m generally familiar with injection sites. However, I’d like to get the BPC 157 as close to the repair sites as possible, and I don’t know much about injections outside of the standard sub Q or IM areas.

I’m not trying to stick a needle directly into my elbow or knee (I’m not completely stupid), but I want to know where I can pin around my elbows/knee. Can I just pull up some skin near my elbow and inject subQ style there? Or for elbow, should I do IM into my tricep?

For knee, I can do quad IM, which is decent proximity, but is there anywhere else near my LCL that I can target?

Again if there’s a better forum let me know, and thanks!

From my understanding, as close as possible to the injury the better. Its water based and sub Q is easiest. I injected right into the most painful spot for my rotator cuff (post surgery) and it seemed to help healing quite a bit.

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Thanks. I made my post more complicated than it should have been. Not sure if you have input on this, but the actual question should have been:

Can I just pull up skin anywhere near the injury and inject into there? I’m seeing people on other forums who have done this with BPC (some of them are pinching the skin with a clothespin or binder clip type thing). I don’t have fatty deposits near these injuries, it’s just flesh, but I’m guessing I can just inject anywhere near the injury that I can pull up enough skin at?

You can. For my shoulder I just injected (with an insulin needle) directly into the muscle. For something like a knee, I would try the skin pinch and inject at the base of the pinch.

I think it was @hardartery that used BPC to treat his elbows. Maybe he will chime in here.

Edit: OK, lets try @hrdlvn.

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It wasn’t me, but I would be on board in a heartbeat if my tendonitis came back.

Great, appreciate the response and info. thanks!

What works best for me is poke around and find the spot it hurts the most. Then pinch up some skin right over that spot and inject the BPC 157 in the space below the pinched skin. The recommended dose is 250mcg I did 300 in each forearm for my forearm pain. The first time I used BPC157 it took about 3 weeks of daily injections.

@hrdlvn appreciate the input, I’m about to reconstitute and start tonight. I’ll probably go 300 each arm as well. Thank you.

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For my HGH I keep about 10 syringes loaded and in the fridge. So much easier than drawing every time

Just to update this thread:

I went through 10mg of BPC 157 to treat both my elbows. I injected right over the most sore area (used clothespins to pull the skin away, then did subQ into the flesh).

Honestly it seems to have lived up to the hype. I am back doing pullups again, with none of the horrible medial epicondylitis pain I used to get after even 1 or 2 sets.

Even if I have to re-use this stuff down the road, I’m very happy with it. I am going to move on to treating my knees. It’s cheap, fairly easy to use, and seems to work very well. Thanks to everyone who weighed in.