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BPC 157: Injecting Into Muscle - OK?

First time using BPC and I’m worried about hitting a vein. I have a wrist injury and there doesn’t appear to be a good place to do a subcutaneous injection. Should I try to do it in the muscle? There are just so many veins around the wrist! Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

I’ve always done bpc-157 sub-Q. My pain or injury has been in the brachioradialis from too many hammer curls. I can see most of the veins so pulling up some skin between them has not been to much of a problem. I don’t know about the wrist. When I tense my forearm I can see all my veils in my wrist I believe I could get between them and not have to go into muscle. YMMV.


My issue that my arms are covered in tattoos to the point that I cant see any veins. Even most of my hands are.

My pain is similar to what I would get from hammer curls. I was thinking De quervains. This is my first go with bpc and I also got tb500 but wanted to do each seperate to see what happens but, I guess maybe I should stack them and nt care which helps this. I can do tb500 in the stomach. Im sure I’ll have plenty of chances to self trial the stuff.

When you said stack them I though in the same syringe in the same local and thought ((NO)) haha
You can always aspirate for blood when you are in the wrist. No blood? push it in. I found a 31ga 5/16" needle the best and painless. I sure hope the 157 works for your wrist.

Nope no mixing in syringes for me. Yes aspiration is what we are thinking. I watched a vid of an arthritis steroid shots in the hand but its intramuscular. Those are the needles I have for HCG. I gave myself a couple 250mcg of the bpc in the gut just to try it.

I got most of my info on 157 from Bengreenfieldfitness. As I understand it you want to inject as close to the pain as possible. This peptide provides some kind of protective coating in the general area that promotes and accelerated healing. Since you are trying to accelerate healing a peptide to increase your natural GH (Sermorelin and or Ipamorelin) should also really help.

I read that same stuff. Im going to go for it today with aspiration in my wrist as far away from obvious veins. I looked at he other peptides but decided to try these solo first to see what they did. My T is 1200, my free t is mid 30’s, E2 is around 40 my IGf-1 is about 400. My docs say my igf-1 is in their perfect range and healthy but, like test, the other standard normal ranges are a little different.

My blood tests are amazing and keep getting better in the 8months on trt/hcg. I know my t is higher than most approve of but no sides or high E2. Even initial zits cleared up. i may bump down my t a little but im enjoying the first year honeymoon of building muscle and getting lean aside from rocking my tendons.

This happened when i was in my late 20’s after 10 years of heavy lifting. My muscles were at peak and all of my joints started to hurt. They were not keeping up. Its part of the reason I stopped lifting a decade ago. Not a smart decision but back on track in my 40s, especially if I can get this $hit under control.

An IGF-1 of 400!?!? dam thats the top of the scale no need to boost that.
As I understand it and I am no doc nor do I try to play one on the internet you can run a pretty dam high TT until your blood starts to get too thick as measured by your HCT. Once you hit 52% you will start having issues. Some can donate blood a few time to extend the high T but in the end you have to come down. There are also some heart related issues with running high T year round. I can’t remember all the buzz words its one of the big vein or maybe is an artery coming right out of the heart anyway it can start hardening up. Not sure how that hurts us… but there you got the two main reasons we all don’t Blast year round.

Yeah thats what I read. My clinic actually just tested my IGF-1 on my last visit which was a couple weeks ago. It was extra $ but I wanted to have a clue. I dont feel like I need anything but test and hcg now but, Im a geek about weird shit if done “wisely”.

i dont drink alcohol anymore going on 2 years but take kratom and drink kava regularly. I have a super clean vegan diet most of the time and make sprouts and lost of water and gallons of herbal teas. I like to get “high” a little but constantly if i can. I know people dont agree with that but Ive been an alcoholic mess for a couple decades and taking trt and kratom, my life has gone straight up, my blood tests are nuts. I dropped my triglycerides fro 230 in 2013 to 64 last test. My hdl is twice as high as it used to be which is great. All of my other metabolic tests are top notch too. Ive worked out and ridden bikes forever but hav ean addictive persoanlity but always shy of being a junky. And I work a lot and have built a crazy business while being messed up in the last decade.

i think Im managing my crazy and my supplements and diet are managing the physical well.

My starting HCT was 44 8-9 months ago. It went to 47-48 in one month, so I gave blood even though it wasnt very high. Next appt was 3 months away so i figured, if it keeps moving, then I may want to be safe. It did not move and every 3 month cycle has been 47-48. I will give blood once or twice a year anyway but, no more if I dont have to.

My e2 was below 5 when I initially got tested. i knew I always felt like shit but I thought I had too. I was used to it. I was told to take anastrozole but after watching vids by Nelson Virgil and reading the shit out of the forums, I figured Id wait and so far I was correct. My tests are Roche Eclia, not sensitive so it may even be lower, like half, which would out it about perfect according to many on the forums.
ive always been a big emo baby, even with no estrogen so I wouldnt know it was high I guess by that. I got up to 230# from drinking beer and eating shit for years. Working ona computer constantly. 3 years ago I started taking kratom in the pursuit of nootropics or something that would help me to not kill myself. All of the sudden I didnt drink anymore. I got down to about 200#. My arms and legs were skinny but, im tall and have wide shoulders and back so I think Im built to hold more muscle. I was 190-195 into my earky 30’s before i bailed and was pretty ripped.

Fast forward to 230#, dick issues, fat and unsexy but married for a long time. I knew to change I had to stick to kratom, Then I put ina really badass home gym with eliptical and tv too. Couldnt really get moving well though. STarted TRT and aside from my initial fear/reservations, sht changed quick. It seems to work really well in my body, taking 180 split in 2 doses weekly. HCG was supposed to be 500 prescribed but sometimes I cut that back to half when I have sexual sides and it seems to work.

Now my hct, my t# and e2 have been about the same for 2 tests so I will stay here for a while If it stays like this.

I wanted the IGF test to check and see. In a decade or so I will pursue GH if needed in my 50’s.

I just had 4 months of moving/business/construction, etc and have huge pain tolerance apparently and just dont pay attention to it much. ie. 8 hour rib tattoos and working with pulled muscles, etc. Not proud to be so dumb sometimes but shit needs done. Then I started crying out when I pulled the blankets over me at night. Oh, shit I better do something before I destroy my hand/wrist. Wait but i have shit to do. back and forth. Now im in a brace with vials of bpc and tb500.

Sorry long winded data dump that noone wants to read.

I will report back if this stuff works because this is as bad of pain as I can remember.

I’ve never tried kratom. Can you tell me about it?
As for getting high I assume you mean Pot. I started smoking pot at my first job at 16 I smoked everyday and night. I made it thru Engineering school witha BS and an MBA in business just fine. Only when I landed a job with military contracts at 27 and I had to pee in a cup every 3 months I quit cold turkey. No withdrawal no issues. Then and there I realized our government and the medical community lie…the lie like dogs. HaHa. I live in a state where pot is legal now and I just don’t find it as good as the 70’s this crap is so strong hell one toke and your dicks in the dirt. Thats not fun.