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BPC 157 for TBI

Hi everyone

Im suffering from TBI, the Dr just said to rest for a few weeks, but I just can be laying down on a bad all day specially in a state of illness, Its been two weeks already and stil feel like soreness in my head and that Im staying away from any sort of excersice, In my desperation to speed things up I came to find out the BPC 157 peptide, apparently it speeds up healing process.
I dont have any problems remembering stuff or with speach I just have the bothering feeling like soreness in my head.

Has anyone tried it before?
Has anyone tried that for TBI ?

Can you share your expetiences?

Thank you

Been running BPC and TB for around two weeks now after a distal bicep repair. I feel stronger already and feel as if I’m healing at an accelerated rate. No idea if it’ll work for a tbi though.

Do you think BPC and TB could help with pinched nerves?

Doubtful. Try magnesium.