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BPC 157 Dosing Schedule?

What’s a good schedule to inject BPC 157, in terms of amount, frequency, and duration?

Everything you want to know about BPC is here on this forum with a good search

Hey Studhammer, That was the first thing I tried. I’m only getting the 8 types of Injections that Heal article. No forum posts are coming up for me, for some reason

My seller, official govt authorised in Australia, prescription only peptides recommends .2 ml every second day from a 5 ml vial @ 2000mcg/ml. I think that’s 400mcg every second day.
At this dose the course should take 50 days to finish the vial.

I have heard daily injections are better?

Just wondering how this tallies to other peoples experience?
BPC either seems to work miracles or does nothing.

OK, I’ve run BPC 157 after my last shoulder surgery. I pinned twice a day as close to the injury as possible. (Theoretically, this is not necessary as BPS is systemic but it can’t hurt). Dose is about 250 mcg twice a day,

You need to know how to mix and store it too.

There’s this:

and this:

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Thanks Stud.