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BPC 157 Dosing Help

Got a quick question… I here 250 mcg 2x a day near injury for 4-6 weeks is magic number…so if vial is 5mg for simplicity cant you just mix with 2ml bac water…that way 10iu = 250mcg??? Tell me if my math is wrong here…
See alot of vids of guys mixing 5mg with either 2.5 or 3ml but everyone seems to agree 250mcg is the right dose…so why not 2ml ???
This way each tik on a slin = 25 not some wierd fraction…
Since if u mix 1ml to 5g the vial =5000mcg
Tell me if im wrong bros

I use the peptide calculator from basskilleronline it say 5ml with 2ml bac water on a 100ml syringe you draw to 5
I prefer to double the bac water and draw 10ml or .10 on my syringe.

The article I read and go by does recommend 250mcg as close to the pain as you can get. It is a subQ injection and the article was specific to muscle and tendon pain from over use.

I have dose 4 times that amount or 500mcg(.20) per arm at the pain site with great success. It took about 3 weeks of daily injections then one day all the pain was gone. If the pain came back from a heavy workout I could inject the 500mcg and within hours the pain was gone. My total use was about 3 months. I now only take if I get pain but thankfully I no longer get pain in my brachioradialis. This stuff works.