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BPC-157 - Does It Work?

Got some bad tendonitis in elbow and knee. Can anyone attest to using BPC-157 and having good results?

Never stabed my knee but love it in my brachioradialis and front delt.
Messed up my forearms with too many hammer curls BPC157 made all the pain go away. Took about 5 weeks of daily shots right over the pain.
I recently jacked my right front delt from overloaded flat bench. 2 weeks of daily shots right in the front delt fixed my issue. I love this stuff. I wish I could stick it in my dick and fix my ED.

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So we’re obviously not supposed to ask for sources, even though this is a totally legal subnstance, so how do you go about making sure you get good quality?

I had a amazing results once I got some pharma sourced BPC. I tried some online source and nothing happened. My doc hooked me up at only about twice the price and I was just commenting tonight on how bad my wrist was a couple months ago and how I never thought it would heal. I injected daily in my wrist. I’m guessing most sources are BS.

Docs prescribe 157? Like a primary care or only a TRT type clinic?

Been using BPC 157 (from a research site) for the last few weeks to help with Elbow tendinitis. My elbow is finally turning the corner. My doctor offered to prescribe it (along with TB500) but the price was significantly higher. I am sure Pharma grade is the best option, just wish the pricing wasn’t so much higher.

If someone were diagnosed as having no cartilage in their shoulders would bp-157 help?

I don’t think so. As I understand it BPC-157 has a lubricating property that is why you must inject as close to the pain as possible. This lubricating reduces pain and inflammation which promotes faster healing. I don’t believe 157 can repair cartilage but it could help with pain just from the lubrication it provides if you can get it into the joint where the pain/damaged cartilage is. Its not very expensive I’d try it. I see no downside other than it did not work.

I know in clinical studies on rats BPC-157 had repaired completely severed tendons. Ive never heard this theory about lubrication. Its my understanding it causes the formation on new blood vessels at the site. These new vessels deliver more blood and all the worker cells that repair damage. Yes there is a technical name for them and I cant remember. I only ask because I have a good friend that is out of options and he is desperate.

Everything I know about 157 I got from BenGreenfieldfitness. I’d post a link but they will just delete my post.
A small quite from the site.
BPC, for reasons you’re about to discover, stands for “Body Protecting Compound”. Your body already makes it in your own gastric juices in very small amounts, where it serves to protect and heal your gut.