Bpc-157 Advice?

Hi, was advised to look into Bpc 157
For some joint/ligament injurys that I have in my chest region which I have had for around 2 years.

I’m wanting to know the basics of taking it.

Age 20
Weight : 150lbs

E.x how does it come in the bottle , read it’s a powder that has to be mixed with bac water ?

Average Dose? and how many times should I inject and for what course of time, best injection site for my problems, (been told front delt by guess) will i also gain any other positive effects while using.

Also any feedback from users that’s used it with good or bad results.

Thanks for the reply ,still confused on mixing tho.

If I order 5mg Bpc
10ml of bac water
How would I mix to get to 250mcg pershot

And how many shots would I get, if I only pinned once a day

Since 5 mg = 5000 mcg

If you put 5 ml bac water in a vial that would equal 1000 mcg/ml. For 250 mcg, you would draw 0.25 ml with an insulin needle

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Thanks Mate🤙

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The bottles my bpc157 came in could only hold 4ml. so this was my mix and load for 250mcgs.


click pict for larger image.

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What a great program! Here I was crunching numbers! :joy::joy:

Just waiting on my order now :sunglasses: will do Subq 250mcg 1x daily near my SC joint where most of my problems are , is that relatively safe to do so? Or should I stick with the advice of front delt.

Who is suggesting front delt for bpc-157? I don’t think that would do anything. That is not how 157 works.
Can you post a generic pict with a circle around the area of your chest that you feel this pain.
I am having a really hard time visualizing joint/ligament in the chest. Did you tear a pec or are we talking more in your shoulder?

My physiotherapist suggested front delt, and I’ve been diagnosed with an unstable sc joint due to bad ligaments and tendons from lifting accident

sternoclavicular-joint2 my main problem is in the exact place of this circle

That should be a very easy location to pull a little skin up and injecting 157 just under the skin right over the injury. I would do 250mcg twice a day for the first month. Then just 250mcg at bedtime after that. I usually keep injecting a week after the pain goes away. Then I don’t use it again unless my pain comes back. Good luck. Oh, just because the pain is gone does not mean is has fully healed. Take it slow.

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Quick Update: 3rd Day Of use, not feeling much as yet but Its quite a pain to have to pin 1x or 2x a day,

Would orally have the same effects on ligament,tissue damage etc as subq,
As Bpc is systemic ? this would be more beneficial, just reading mixed Views.

Google; BenGreenfield How To Use BPC-157 after reading that article you should have all your answers.
There should not be any pain are you using a 31ga needle?