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BPC-157 Advice? Hamstring Torn Off Bone Requiring Surgery to Re-attach

Hi can some one with experience please help me

I tore my hamstring off the bone while surfing and had to have it re attached with surgery, i am currently 1 week post op and just had my BPC-157 arrive.

My plan is to inject 250mcg twice a day for 4 weeks and then assess if I will require more ?
does that sound right ??

I read its best to inject as close to the hamstring as possible but I am a little concerned with the sciatic nerve and all the other things running down the back of my leg
What is the best way to inject this and where is the best place ??

Last question, how soon after surgery should i wait before starting my course ??


I used BPC 157 post surgery for my last shoulder surgery. I believed it helped me. For the record I was also taking HGH simultaneously.

Your protocol is correct. I think you can start immediately

I’m gonna do BPC and Tb 500 post distal bicep repair. Fingers crossed.

I’ve recently been told I may have a small meniscus tear that I think I’ll hit with BPC to see if it helps

Im optimistic. Ive read a lot of good reviews on it.

even for complete ruptures ??

just not sure where to inject in terms of the hamstring and the nerves etc

You’re getting surgery so it’s the same as my shoulder. It will be reattached with screw head sutures.

Just inject subQ as close to the pain as possible. You shouldn’t be hitting the sciatic nerve with subQ.

Be sure to have good physical therapy from a P T who understands your desire to return to your former life of surfing and lifting, etc

From what I gather localized injection isn’t necessary as it’s systematic in nature but im gonna localize mine anyways